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Chapter List 1420 Hot Lava
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Desert Dust, with its Eagle Stamp, looks like an eagle with its wings spread in midair. There was enthusiastic applause at the scene. They may not understand Han Qing's true intentions, but at least in that scene, it was indeed the Desert Dust Eagle Stamp stepping on and kicking Lord Grim into the magma. Even if Desert Dust falls in, it will be a while! But just for the front and back feet, the Tyranny audience feels that they have a big upper hand, just one word cool.
    "It's not that simple!" But there are sharp-eyed people, but they find that Lord Grim who has fallen into the lava is still moving. Is Ye Xiu someone who will be taken care of if it is so simple? Of course not, this guy was still in the mood to say trash talk just now!
    hand seal!
    In the lava that set off the wave(s) because of the fall, Lord Grim Flying Hands quickly made a gesture, and a hand seal of ninjutsu was completed in an instant.
    Although falling magma is of course, Lord Grim finally got rid of the limitations of Desert Dust's close-fitting shorts and can finally perform some other abilities.
    With a soft sound, Lord Grim in the magma turned into a cloud of steam, and the thin HP of Shadow Clone was instantly evaporated by the heat of the magma.
    Shadow Clone Technique!
    Lord Grim is naturally using this ninjutsu, which is often used as Teleportation Ability.
    Where will the real body go?

    Snapped! Gudong!
    With two beeps, the magma churned, and the place where Lord Grim Shadow Clone had just evaporated, Lord Grim appeared...
    what happened? Everyone was at a loss.
    Of course, this was definitely not the location where Ye Xiu chose the real body to go, so there was only one explanation, this Shadow Clone Technique was actually interrupted.
    Playback. It needs to be replayed so much, everyone is completely confused about what happened at this moment.
    Only the two players on the field knew each other.
    Eagle Stamp... the sixth foot!
    After the five-legged Eagle Stamp, Ye Xiu immediately utilized the Shadow Clone Technique, but unexpectedly followed the sixth leg after the five-legged Eagle Stamp. It was this foot that happened to interrupt the Shadow Clone Technique Interrupt. The one that was evaporated by the magma was just a failed Shadow Clone, and the real body could not escape. I was directly stepped on by this foot.
    Eagle Stamp on the sixth foot, this was indeed unexpected by Ye Xiu, but he didn't think it was too unscientific.
    The original limit of the Eagle Stamp was five feet. After the 75-level limit was opened, the Ability level also increased the limit. However, the number of shots of the Eagle Stamp remained at five feet. However, the upper limit of the level is just the upper limit that can be achieved by adding points to the Skill Tree with skill points, or there is an equipment to increase the level of Ability. It is possible to break this upper limit. Continue to improve.

    obviously. The equipment on the Desert Dust can raise the Eagle Stamp level, bringing the level of this Ability to the point where it can be connected to six feet.
    It's hard to know this without seeing the ability to perform. The Elements of Silver Equipment are all hidden. Desert Dust has no Orange Equipment on his character in the past ten years.
    The audience still didn't understand what happened. But what is clearly and easy to see is that the Shadow Clone Technique is destroyed, no matter what. Applause first!
    So in the applause, Lord Grim was waving Thousand Chance Umbrella directly from the magma, just like Dragon Rises from the Sea. The flames on his body slid down without the magma, and a rain of fire hung up cracklingly.
    Thousand Chance Umbrella didn't change any form, it just smashed toward Desert Dust.
    The unchanging Thousand Chance Umbrella, which belongs to the weapon of Priest-claBoss, so Lord Grim suddenly jumped up what Ability, some people have already judged.
    Knight Ability: Heroic Jump!
    Han Qing is helpless! Too helpless. He can predict to the Shadow Clone Technique. After all, the Ability below level 20 belongs to the Unspecialized regular Ability. It is also very suitable to use in this situation. Therefore, he specifically paused after the Eagle Stamp five feet, and gave it to Ye. Xiu made an opening(s) and let Desert Dust step on the sixth foot when he hand-seal, which accurately destroyed this ninjutsu.

    But now, Heroic Jump...
    Ability not below level 20 means that this is the ability to be crafted in the form of Thousand Chance Umbrella Priest-claBoss weapon. In addition to transfer class Ability and awakening Ability, any mid-to-high-level Ability can be created as long as it has Ability Scroll. The major teams often use this to adjust the Ability on character weapon to create surprises for opponent in the game. But no character has ever had a weapon like Thousand Chance Umbrella, twelve forms, twelve abilities, and six major professions. This surprise is really too big to be absorbed.
    Han Qing can expect Shadow Clone Technique, but this Heroic Jump really has no way to make predictions.
    But Han Qing finally took some preventive measures.
    Reinforced Iron Bones!
    Desert Dust turned on the Reinforced Iron Bones before the high kick before the Eagle Stamp was cast. At this time, he was still in the Ability state. Han Qing wanted to use the Super Armor state to resist some other intentions that Ye Xiu might create. Unexpected destruction. He never thought that he could really limit Ye Xiu completely, otherwise the legend in the early days of the alliance would be the Tyranny dynasty instead of the Excellent Era dynasty.

    At this time, Heroic Jump, this Ability made Lord Grim burst out of magma, and Thousand Chance Umbrella also looked amazing. But Han Qing was very clear that this split was just a fancy, Heroic Jump's attack was determined to occur at the moment it was about to land. No matter how exaggerated the posture of Lord Grim in the air was, his Desert Dust punch was enough to fly him.
    But Han Qing didn't want to do that.
    A punch flew, this guy tossed twice, maybe let him go back to the ground, and then he fell into the magma, this is not follow the path to one's own doom?
    The policy remains the same!
    I am not afraid of falling into the magma, but I have to drag this guy with him anyway.
    The Desert Dust in the air has been set up, and Han Qing is staring at the way of Thousand Chance Umbrella in Lord Grim's hand.
    Thousand Chance Umbrella changes!
    Han Qing was not surprised at all. He had long guessed that Ye Xiu would never really use the fancy bit of Heroic Jump in the air to attack him, and that even Desert Dust's Super Armor judgment could not be broken.
    Will definitely change the trick, there will definitely be other attacks.
    Han Qing guessed it correctly, his sight never left Thousand Chance Umbrella.
    Thousand Chance Umbrella quickly changed its form. One side has waved down towards Desert Dust.
    It's you waiting!

    Desert Dust hands stack up, Empty-Handed Blade Block!
    Lock it up!
    The staggered double fists locked Thousand Chance Umbrella firmly, Block Counter skill, after one block. Then there is dismantling.
    Go on!
    Desert Dust borrows power from Thousand Chance Umbrella and slashes Lord Grim back into the magma. Unexpectedly, this palm was split.
    How can it be?
    Han Qing, who has been immersed in Striker for ten years, has never had an Empty-Handed Blade Block locked and empty after locking the weapon. Block Counter technology, one block and one dismantle. Although it is divided into two quarters, it is one. After one block, the opponent cannot avoid the next split in any case.
    At this time, Thousand Chance Umbrella's attack was taken down by Empty-Handed Blade Block, but the form change was completely completed. The umbrella handle is pulled apart, but the umbrella ribs are squeezed together with the umbrella canopy and hung on the front end as if it would fall off at any time.
    This form is...War Scythe!
    From Knight sword to War Scythe, it is still the weapon of Priest-claBoss, which means that this change does not affect the transition of Ability. Because all that can be used is the Priest-claBoss Ability.
    The Ability of Priest-claBoss...
    Lord Grim withdrew Thousand Chance Umbrella with one hand. The shape changes again. Quickly split into two pieces, flying into Lord Grim's left and right hands like wings.
    Han Qing finally reacted.

    Soul Control!
    Exorcist Ability Soul Control, directly fly weapon out of the Ability of the attack target. In other words. Just now, Thousand Chance Umbrella from the Knight sword change Scythe's attack determined that Thousand Chance Umbrella is not in Lord Grim's hands. It belongs to the flying item.
    The Block Counter skill matches the flying item. It really can only be blocked, and there is no way to remove it. How to remove it when people are more than ten steps away from you?
    At this time, Lord Grim is very close to Desert Dust, but the judgment method is the same. The Empty-Handed Blade Block gets a flying item, so that gear does not completely lock the Lord Grim stature, then the demolition, Lord Grim can pass by naturally.
    After negate the Desert Dust blow, Thousand Chance Umbrella has been split into two pieces of Tonfa, and shot out.
    Brawler Ability, Inject Poison!
    Another weapon hits Ability, and the distance is so close now that the roots have no time to dodge.
    Inject Poison stabbed, damage is not high, bleeding state is not terrible, but Inject Poison can break the Super Armor state!
    Lord Grim's Inject Poison has only one order, but only one. It can also break the Super Armor for up to five seconds, which is deadly enough for the situation at this time. Five seconds is enough for the characters of two people to drop the magma eight times.
    Almost synchronized with Inject Poison, Lord Grim has stepped out.

    There is no way to dodge in the air, and the Super Armor status is also destroyed. Han Qing can only utilize Desert Dust with a fist and parry.
    Eagle Stamp!
    Lord Grim is actually the Eagle Stamp. At this time, I don’t care whether there is damage or opponent parry. The three-legged Eagle Stamp and Desert Dust have been kicked into the magma. Following Lord Grim, he is still stepping on his unfinished feet!
    The applause is still ringing...
    Tyranny audiences would never give Ye Xiu applause. Happy fans in Tyranny's home game can't have such a momentum. This applause was the same applause everyone clapped when Desert Dust broke Lord Grim's Shadow Clone Technique before sending him into the magma again.
    As a result, the game changed so quickly. With everyone’s applause, Lord Grim Heroic Jump, then Soul Control make a move deceived Desert Dust’s Empty-Handed Blade Block, and then Inject Poison broke the Super Armor, Eagle Stamp sent Desert Dust into the magma. !
    This is how the top pro player responds and utilizes. It’s too slow in seconds. The applause of the Super Armor audience hasn’t been put away. Here Ye Xiu has completed a series of utilizes, and the ones that fell in the lava have become Their Captain.
    There is no word to describe how fast this instant exchange really is. character Knock-up, how long can it stay? But just like this, two people have made so many changes.

    Desert Dust finally fell into the magma. Lord Grim was in Knock-up with the help of the Eagle Stamp. With the more and more emerge pattern of Unspecialized, no one was willing to judge whether he would have a way to return to land next.
    Han Qing couldn't help it, but he knew that if Lord Grim returned to land, he would lose the game himself!
    In any case, have to drag him down!
    The stature flashes in the Desert Dust magma, Cloud Body! Exploring with one hand, from a very tricky angle, he caught the one foot that was about to be retracted after the Lord Grim Eagle Stamp.
    Almost! !
    Desert Dust has not yet fallen to the bottom, and the stature is still sinking. Although the hand has been protruding, the sinking makes the grasp look a little worse.
    As a result, at this moment, Lord Grim's stature sank suddenly and quickly, and his bare feet fell into the palm of Desert Dust as if it were delivered to the door.
    Is it a conspiracy?
    Many people who were more vigilant immediately regarded this as a trap deliberately by Ye Xiu, but the expert immediately realized that this was not deliberate by Ye Xiu. He was also helpless, he was also very passive, and then Desert Dust The single hand that came out was not an ordinary method.
    Grappler Ability: Brush on the head!
    This is the ability that Han Qing chose for his Desert Dust in today's battle of life and death.

    With a flick of the head, the grasping Ability, which has a strong judgment against the air, is based on the strong judgment of this Ability to tear off the target that has not been completely touched.
    Magma splashes.
    Lord Grim wasn't a fall, it was just sinking. With a single arm like Desert Dust, the whole person directly split the magma with his body sideways, but immediately followed by the magma falling back, instantly engulfing Lord Grim's whole person.
    Everyone dumbstruck, you don’t know how to judge if you are directly sunk like this in the magma of this picture, intuitively, it should be so that there is no bones left, right?
    Han Qing didn't dare to just relax like this. Desert Dust moved forward. Based on his own judgment, he would continue to attack the sinking Lord Grim. Who knows that just after taking two steps, with a bang, Desert Dust suddenly flew up behind him. silhouette, like a ball of flame Burn hitting Desert Dust.
    Ninjutsu Underground Tunneling Technique!
    This ten-year showdown is so heartbreaking to write! It's on my 30th birthday again, and I'm getting old just like the two of them! (In fact, I am older than them, and Old Wei is older than them. What about Old Wei? It's so rough and younger than younger) We must give these two an explanation for the first battle on this day when we are in their thirties!
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