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Chapter List 1423 No Need For Comfort
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Tyranny fans are never people who cannot accept failure, they are people who value the process over the result. The high level of this duel and the fierce battle are absolutely rare, and everyone is very addicted.
    It's just this ending. From Tyranny's point of view, the wife is really upset. A second they were still happy to beat Ye Xiu and smash his duel winning streak. This excitement can quickly catch up with Fourth Season Tyranny and destroy the Excellent Era Dynasty Winning a Championship.
    But only one second.
    Life (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate is really a perfect interpretation in this second. What Tyranny fans cannot accept is not failure, but dragging them from the extremely excited heaven into the lost hell this second.
    criminal ringleader, main offender: Ye Xiu!
    Ye Xiu, who was hated by Tyranny fans, at this time, how can they show their demeanor to congratulate the winner?
    Han Wenqing walked out of Tyranny's game table, and Tyranny fans became angry and noisy.
    They love their Captain.
    This kind of (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate, he is the one who has the most personal experience, right?
    At this time, he is the most uncomfortable among all people, right?

    The voice was getting smaller and smaller, everyone was looking at Han Wenqing, walked out of the game stand, and then walked towards Han Wenqing who was under the stage. His body is still straight, his steps are firm and strong, and while walking, he waved to the Tyranny iron fan area of the audience, and then to the audience, just as he did every time he ended the game.
    Their Captain really couldn't be knock-downed by any setbacks, even if it was such a deranged accidental reversal. In an instant, the scene became noisy again, applause! So wasting energy to spray Ye Xiu, it's better to come and give their Captain more applause.
    Keep waving and applause, just like this accompanied Han Wenqing. He has been sent back to Tyranny's bench.
    All Tyranny players stood up and welcomed their Captain with applause.
    comfort? No.
    Their Captain never gives any comfort to a failed team member. Similarly, when he fails, he never needs to be comforted by He An.
    If you fail, then come back. This is a natural thing for Tyranny, and the need for comfort is shameful to them. The man can't even bear failure. Do you need others to enlighten and comfort?

    "The damage of the magma has been calculated, and I suggest Lin Jingyan the next one." There was not even a sentence of emotion for the matchup just now. Vice-Captain Zhang Xinjie directly talked about the next game.
    "Good." Han Wenqing slight nod.
    "Then I'm on it." Lin Jingyan was also slightly nod, leaving the Tyranny player seat and walking towards the competition field.
    "The abilities that Ye Xiu has used in the game just now include Heroic Jump, Inject Poison, Underground Tunneling Technique, Flash Spur, and Circular Wave Sword." Finally, I talked about the game that just ended, but it turned out to be a kind of The angle of harvest. Especially when talking about the Circular Wave Sword that made Han Wenqing nurse a grievance defeat in the end, the two of them didn't even move their eyebrows.
    "It's less than half." Han Wenqing was here regrettably.
    "Yes, the pace is too fast." Zhang Xinjie said.
    The character of this confrontation between two people was already in the air when it was entangled, and instantly plunged into the magma, and then the main damage was done by the magma. The practical capabilities of two people are actually quite limited. Only five of the twelve possible capabilities of Thousand Chance Umbrella are used. Then there are seven unknown abilities, which is always a burden to bring to Team Match. Captain, Tyranny's lieutenant and deputy, is already more concerned about this.

    And then Lin Jingyan played. I'm afraid I can't test it out. Because Lord Grim's HP has also bottomed out, at one or two percent, the battle might end soon.
    No, at the beginning of the second game, Ye Xiu announced in the public chat box: "You won."
    "Haha, although it is this way, I am quite satisfied, did you just withdraw?" Lin Jingyan replied.
    "That can't, you hurry up!" Ye Xiu replied.
    Lin Jingyan's Terrifying Dark Cold set off. The scene followed by a boo. Of course they are not booing Lin Jingyan. It's Ye Xiu! This guy took a formal tone this time, but Lord Grim suddenly slapped himself with blood. What kind of rhythm is this?
    The holy white light kept shining. Ye Xiu didn't let the Lord Grim movement have anything since the beginning of the game, and immediately focused on the blood. However, Ability is low-level, and there is no Heal bonus. To be honest, Lord Grim's Heal is an emergency measure at a critical time. It is impossible to rely on him to completely Heal.
    The area of the duel map is no longer there. Although Lin Jingyan made his debut, he watched a game off the court, and everyone analyzed it together. He already has some mastery of the map. After playing, the movement was very resolute, just rushing to opponent's spawned point.

    "I said, you won't be heeling!" Lin Jingyan suddenly said on the channel.
    "You really want to win. You can see it through!" Ye Xiu replied.
    Lin Jingyan is speechless. It seems that this advantage is really not easy to pick. You can be more cautious. Don't let this guy go crazy and take too much blood before he died.
    Soon, Lord Grim was within the range of his line of sight, and the white light was flashing and flashing, so he was singing and recovering HP all the time! Of course, Ye Xiu also saw the Terrifying Dark Cold that came quickly, and quickly said in the channel: "Don't wait anymore?"
    Lin Jingyan ignored it. He was about to start fighting at this sight. He wanted to focus on Spirit. He must not give this guy any opportunity to take advantage of the chat channel? Now enter the ignorance of time.
    In terms of attack range, Lord Grim is farther than Brawler Terrifying Dark Cold. So of course Terrifying Dark Cold advanced Lord Grim's long-range strike range. Lin Jingyan's wariness immediately rose to the next level. The Terrifying Dark Cold movement's footsteps slowed down slightly. Lord Grim's movements and terrain, he began to pay attention to his characteristics.
    "It can only be so." Ye Xiu sighed at this moment. The opening did not move until the opponent came, and Lord Grim's HP recovered 6% in this time. It is now 7% against 100% Brawler Terrifying Dark Cold.

    You don’t die at the touch of a touch, and there is quite a possibility, especially in such a map with magma-assisted damage. Lin Jingyan went to Awareness and let his Terrifying Dark Cold farther away from the magma. If he was accidentally beaten by that guy, he would have lost a lot in this duel.
    As he gradually approached, Lord Grim still did not make a move. At this time, the attack range from Terrifying Dark Cold was only three steps away. The Thousand Chance Umbrella in Lord Grim's hands was finally picked up at this time.
    Lin Jingyan swayed the mouse quickly, and Terrifying Dark Cold's pathing immediately became erratic. Instead of swaying forward in a straight line, he took the initiative to make Ye Xiu's attack difficult.
    Bang bang!
    The gunfire continued, Ye Xiu caused Lord Grim to fire. Thousand Chance Umbrella Gun Form belongs to Rifle and can shoot two rounds in a row.
    The damage of normal attack is not a threat, but Lin Jingyan will of course use the character to dodge it if it can be dodged.
    After avoiding two shots, looking at Lord Grim again, his body was not facing this end, but turned sideways to one end.
    Be wretched!
    Lin Jingyan deserves to be partnered with Fang Rui, and his reaction in this regard is particularly astute. Sideways avoiding the angle of view, this technique Fang Rui is also very good at hiding his character's hand movements so that the other party can't judge the ability of the attack.

    Hand movement is the key, so what will this Ability be?
    Shadow Clone Technique?
    Lin Jingyan's mind was the first thing that jumped out of this game. Covering your hands sideways, this is the first technique created by Ninja gamers, who makes their attacks mostly rely on hands to hand seal! The Shadow Clone Technique is a hand seal for the Ability, and it is commonly used by Ye Xiu. Lin Jingyan thought of this as natural and immediately utilized it. The character rolled to the side and waved with one arm, and the claw to the side was a claw.
    This is the name of the Silver Weapon claw, Terrifying Dark Cold. The claws are divided into four, the color is not dazzling, and there is no light when waving it, and a small semicircle is directly swiped at this time.
    "Old Lin, don't worry!" Ye Xiu message in the channel came again.
    Overnight, I caught a lot of space, and after the Roll of Terrifying Dark Cold, I just adjusted the angle of view. You can see the oblique front of Lord Grim.
    There was no hand movement, he turned sideways, just covered the muzzle.
    Boom boom boom!
    Anti-Tank MiBoss ile, blasted out.
    This chapter is slightly shorter.
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