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Chapter List 1429 Consolidate Advantage
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Tough, can't be tougher than this.
    Not move a single jot, the muzzle is right, Su Mucheng is in such a posture to greet the Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms on the way.
    call out!
    Hurricane Cannon rolled out, making a sharp wind chirping. After Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms changed its magazine, the second wave of explosive bullets fired in the Hurricane Cannon, instantly deflected.
    Zhang Jiale was also shocked, never expected Su Mucheng to be so tough.
    In the last round, the tricks could not be any more tricks, but in this round, it was too positive. Su Mucheng is already a player who will make firm choices at the right time. The posture that used to be a bit hesitant when Ye Xiu was with Ye Xiu, and a little hesitant when there was no Ye Xiu, has been completely eliminated from her.
    Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, who rushed straight out, leaned forward to dodge, but how can the power of Hurricane Cannon be so easily avoided? Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms avoided being directly hit, but it was still being rotated. It was blown by the hurricane airflow like an artillery shell, and the body immediately staggered.

    The roar of guns continued to ring, and Su Mucheng was obviously not prepared to give Zhang Jiale a chance to breathe. The bombing ensued. But Zhang Jiale is not so easy to be restricted. Although Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms was messed up by Hurricane Cannon, he still made an accurate utilize while shaking.
    Flash bomb!
    A flash bomb flew out, followed by a gunshot. Zhang Jiale didn't wait for the flash bomb to hit the ground, and directly exploded it in the air.
    The dazzling light burst out in an instant, and even the audience felt that the area was completely bright at this moment. The TV broadcast hurried to cut Su Mucheng's combatant perspective, and the audience also hurriedly watched the electronic big screen. Everyone is eager to know if Su Mucheng was dazzled by this flash.
    There are some, but they are not complete.
    Su Mucheng seemed to have made a use to avoid the perspective in a hurry, but Zhang Jiale directly let Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms shoot and detonate too fast, so Dancing Rain's perspective was not completely avoided. Although in the end perspective is not completely Blinding. But it also seems to be a little bit hazy with tears, the scene in the viewing angle is a bit unclear, and the Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms in the Event is even more screaming.
    Another Grenade was thrown under such circumstances.
    What kind of thunder?

    In Su Mucheng's line of sight, it looked like a mass of Masek was flying, and there was no way to tell what type of Grenade it was.
    So simply ignore it. Just continue to attack.
    In the state of Steady Bombardment, the character was unable to pathing. Of course, the opponent couldn't shake Dancing Rain's stability with an attack, so Su Mucheng simply didn't care what kind of attack it was, and simply responded to Zhang Jiale with an attack.
    Very rude confrontation.
    Su Mucheng completely gave up evading attacks. What about Zhang Jiale? The actions of Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms are not as restricted as Steady Bombardment, but having rushed to this distance, Dancing Rain once again set up Steady Bombardment completely ignoring his attack and chose to give in. It will only be a blank loss of HP and the distance you can grab (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty.
    Take offense against offense. Exchange blood with blood. At this time, there is no other technique besides this. Su Mucheng rudely forced Zhang Jiale to engage in such a violent confrontation with her.
    Steady Bombardment's fixed Launcher has heavier firepower, while Zhang Jiale did not give up the advantage of Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms' freedom of action. Stand still and confront Steady Bombardment. It's no different from sending you to death.

    It seems to be a confrontation where no one is willing to give in, but it really determines the outcome of the attack. But it will be Zhang Jiale's evasion of the attack. Dancing Rain under Steady Bombardment, there is no such thing as dodge.
    Boom boom boom!
    Boom boom boom boom!
    The gunshots kept on, the roar of guns kept on, and the explosion kept on. A hot weapon battle that made people one's heart's content turned this small area into a scorched earth.
    In the end, Su Mucheng lost.
    This result may not be too unexpected. Dancing Rain's HP is a bit behind. However, the gap of 29%, in many eyes, is simply not a level that needs to start desperately. Such a gap may be recovered after a successful combo.
    But Su Mucheng did not like this. After meeting with opponent, he resolutely fought a blood exchange attack that was not very beneficial to the bloodless party.
    She lost this game, but in the end, she didn't lose.
    Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, in the end only 21% HP is left.
    Seventy-one percent, seventy-nine percent. Su Mucheng has a slight lead, but in the whole arena, Happy has a big lead. As long as this exchange continues, they will be the winners of Arena Match.

    Set up a trap to solve Lin Jingyan's Su Mucheng, and further expand Happy's advantage over Tyranny on the basis of Ye Xiu. Under the advantage, many people will inevitably want to take advantage of the victory and further seize the advantage, and win more heads to lay a better foundation for victory. But in Arena Match, every change of players may be a turning point. In particular, Tyranny, a team with rich experience and firm will, is not so easy to be smashed.
    So, Su Mucheng didn't greedily want to further widen the gap against Zhang Jiale and Su Mucheng, who was new on the field. Rather, it consolidated the gap.
    Very sensible attitude, very sensible choice.
    The blood volume gap does not seem to have widened much, but in fact, as the opponent can play fewer people, even if the blood volume gap remains the same, the advantage is being expanded.
    Happy, there are still full health three people; Tyranny, and full health two people plus a Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms of one-fifth HP.
    Who will Happy appear next?
    Su Mucheng went off, but everyone's eyes were mainly on Happy's player stand. It is too suspenseful to decide on the appearance list on the spot.
    Mo Fan!
    Mo Fan stood up on the Happy players' bench.
    As expected!

    Everyone sighed with emotion. Mo Fan is now a very stable player of Happy in Arena Match, and his style has indeed adapted to the way of Arena Match.
    "Try harder." When they met on the way, Su Mucheng smiled and said to Mo Fan.
    "Yeah." Mo Fan nodded, with a somewhat firm tone in the simple word.
    Soon, the fifth game started. Mo Fan, who has a full health character, did not choose to go straight at the beginning, but circled along the map boundary. Hiss immediately sounded at the scene. Mo Fan’s opponent Zhang Jiale, the character is only 21% HP. In this case, if you don’t hit the front, you will inevitably be despised by Tyranny’s fans.
    But Mo Fan will ignore this. In any situation, he will adopt the strategy he is used to. It's just that there are not many concealed points on this picture. After Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms found no opponent in the middle of the map, he searched for lateral movement and soon saw Deception moving at the other end of the magma in the distance.
    "Such a detour, it doesn't make much sense at all!" TV commentator Pan Lin said.
    "Well... this picture, because of the cutting of magma, in fact, there are very few route choices that can be made. There are only a few routes in the general direction, plus the line of sight is relatively open, and it is really difficult to make a detour. ." Li Yibo said.

    "But Mo Fan insisted." Pan Lin said.
    "Yes, he is insisting." Li Yibo nodded.
    Pan Lin was speechless. He meant that Li Yibo came to analyze Mo Fan's intentions. As a result, this guy just affirmed the fact that "Mo Fan is insisting." What is his insistence on? This is what you should say!
    Pan Lin complained in his heart, but he also knew that Li Yibo must be unsure, so he didn't say anything.
    Deception has been exposed in the line of sight of Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, but it can't come, and it has to detour around there persistently. Zhang Jiale didn't just catch up with it directly, and Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms also made a roundabout, but cut around.
    Li Yibo was inspired by Zhang Jiale's response.
    "Mo Fan, probably wants to fight on the limestone." Li Yibo said.
    The limestone area is the area where Su Mucheng and Lin Jingyan will decide the winner. The piles of limestone formed here are the only area in this picture that has slightly more barriers. Mo Fan's intentions are exactly the same as Lin Jingyan. It's just that Lin Jingyan used the rules to force the opponent to come over. Mo Fan is going here regardless of the three sevens are twenty-one. What if Zhang Jiale ignores it?

    This assumption is no longer valid, because Zhang Jiale did not ignore it. Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms and Deception are separated by a considerable distance, but run in the same direction. The broadcast has already cut out a reduced bird's-eye view at this time. The simulation indicates Zhang Jiale's intention, which is to make Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms circumvent the interception. Said.
    Do you play head-on? Everyone is guessing.
    It is of course very unfavorable for Zhang Jiale, whose character only has 21% HP. What about Mo Fan? This guy always engages in circuitous and sneak attacks, but in the eyes of many people, with his utilize and skills, he has the ability to fight positively. People who don’t understand the nature of Mo Fan’s ability all feel that his so-called firework-style strategy special draw legs on a snake, you just don’t have to burst out all the way, always hit and run, and there should be a limit to caution. what!
    But contempt and contempt, the strategy of Mo Fan is still quite a headache, because this person has such patience and you rush up and retreat again and again. If the opportunity is not good, you will not make a move. That grind. Tyranny is now behind and desperately needs to make it back. Of course it is very troublesome to encounter such an opponent.
    "Ye Xiu is really disgusting, send such a guy out at this time!" Ye Xiu's aggro in the Tyranny fanbase is really solid and unshakable. When discussing concerns at this moment, the first thing I despise is Ye Xiu who is sitting off the court.

    It's near, and the character of two people is getting closer. There is no doubt that Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms can intercept Deception first. Of course, Mo Fan could also see the opponent stealing in front of him at this time. He continued to let Deception rush over. Does he want to rush through the interception, or do he intend to decide the winner right here?
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