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Chapter List 1436 Waving Like A Flag
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Reinforced Iron Bones? Thousands of catties?
    No, these abilities have no way to hard-wire Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. Rising Dragon Soars the Sky has a grasping judgment, and the ability that produces the Super Armor effect is useless to it.
    Rising Dragon Soars the Sky can only flash, not stop!
    Eagle Stamp!
    Long River Setting Sun steps in the air and stature in the air, but not enough! With just this kind of stagnation, the roots can't get out of the range covered by Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. Wind Howl, the faucet of magic fighting spirit, drew towards the Long River Setting Sun, but at the moment when it was untouched, Long River Setting Sun suddenly stopped the Eagle Stamp, twisted its body, and Whirlwind Kick!
    This Ability is also unable to create displacement, but at this moment it changed the stability of Long River Setting Sun. The legs that were twisted up were swept over Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, but unexpectedly, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky The dragon's head also twisted suddenly...
    Dragon Raising Its Head! !
    Everyone was shocked. This was once regarded as the signature skill of Glory's Number One Player Ye Xiu, but now it has been mastered by the new generation of Battle Mage one after another, first Sun Xiang and now Tang Rou.
    the young will be redoubtable in the years to come.
    And Glory athletics, it is precisely in this kind of continuous pursuit and even surpassing, in order to continuously improve the level, flourishing.
    Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, win!

    The magic vindictive bite the Long River Setting Sun, and Chaser swarmed up, exploding into the air. Long River Setting Sun was also sent over the magma by Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. When the Ability ended, it fell into the magma again.
    In the upturned magma wave(s), Long River Setting Sun is also in Roll.
    Quick Recover, just jump right away!
    Song Qiying's response was extremely swift, and even nothing was wasted. The HP of Long River Setting Sun is no longer enough to swim to the far end and land ashore. It is very stressful to delay for a second in the magma. Soft Mist will have a longer move after Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, and landing at this time is the only possible turning point.
    Jump up. One step out, just right on the edge, and then with a little help, the Long River Setting Sun has fallen lightly to the shore, and the Soft Mist side has just finished recruiting stun. It’s impossible for a few steps. get there in one step rushed over to intercept Long River Setting Sun, but two lights, one blue and one purple, flew out from behind Soft Mist at this time, shooting Long River Setting Sun swiftly.
    Magic Chaser!
    Blu-ray. It is the Ice Element Magic Chaser produced when Double Stab is captured by Long River Setting Sun with empty-handed parry; purple light is the dark Element Magic Chaser produced when Circle Swing hits the opponent.

    Neither Magic Chaser Tang Rou was used immediately when they were born, but they made great contributions at this time. Where can the Long River Setting Sun falling in the air be dodged, Papa was hit by two Magic Chaser, and two Chaser. There is one Ice Element Chaser that stands out in Attack Effects.
    The Ice Element Chaser added to Battle Mage itself is 2% of the Physical Defense per order. This is not very exciting for the leather armor proficient Battle Mage. It is far better than increasing the Strength of the Fire Element Chaser, or increasing The attack speed of Light Element and other Chaser are useful. But Ice Element Chaser's Attack Effects on the target is the best among the five Chaser.
    If you hit stun, there is a 50% chance of creating a slow effect. This is the performance of the Ice Element Chaser at level 1, which is already quite practical.
    Take advantage of the stun of Long River Setting Sun. Soft Mist has already sprinted back, shaking the Battle Lance, and the sharp sound of friction against the air rang out like a shower. It actually used the Hundred Dragons Meteor to hit this Ability in the sprint.

    Countless scarlet spear shadows flickered. Song Qiying wanted to open Super Armor Ability such as steel and iron bones. It was too late. As soon as the Long River Setting Sun stun state disappeared, the spear shadow had flashed to him, and then he was assassinated in unbroken succession. As the pace of Soft Mist rushed closer and closer, it finally stabbed Long River Setting Sun's feet off the ground. Entering the Knock-up state, this is the effect that can be produced by paying attention to the angle of attack for each stab. With such a dense rhythm, it can also accurately grasp the angle. Tang Rou is worthy of the name of Season's Best Rookie.
    The final blow of Hundred Dragons Meteor sent Long River Setting Sun to a new height. Blood drops on the flying stature couldn’t help dripping down. This trick was also hit on Long River Setting Sun. How many wounds have been made. Soft Mist has also approached completely at this time, Dancing Fire Spreading Flame picked, and another Sky Strike swept to Long River Setting Sun, followed by flying and jumping up, Force Dragon Crush!
    The Dancing Fire Spreading Flame smashed down, as if a smash, and shot the Long River Setting Sun fiercely towards the magma.
    The extremely strong Force Dragon Crush sent Long River Setting Sun into the magma for the third time. The wave(s) of the lava was as high as two people, and even splashed the Soft Mist that jumped into the air.
    Tang Rou ignored it, and the Soft Mist after casting Force Dragon Crush shook off Battle Lance again.
    Drifting Cloud!

    The whirlwind that Battle Lance wringed contains magical fighting spirit, and the magma flying in the air at this time is also drawn in, giving this Ability a deeper color. Fiery red, rolling towards the Long River Setting Sun, Song Qiying has nothing to do. Previously, Force Dragon Crush had a forced fall decision. Before Long River Setting Sun lay down completely, he could not do any utility.
    The windswept Drifting Cloud entrained the magma and sent it to the center of the Long River Setting Sun's chest, giving him another acceleration, instantly making him lie flat under the magma.
    Song Qiying was about to use Long River Setting Sun Roll to stand up quickly, but saw that because he hit the sky above the split magma, Soft Mist was holding the Dancing Fire Spreading Flame and fell like a god.
    Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart break!
    The successive violent impacts have caused the magma in this place to be completely crowded and unable to return. A piece of clarity is exposed in the magma. Soft Mist, holding the Battle Lance, plunges it into the Long River Setting Sun’s vest and pushes Roll The crooked stature in the middle is nailed through like this, how violent and violent the picture is...
    The magma surged back at this time, covering the Long River Setting Sun that was stabbed like a ball, and then began to submerge the Soft Mist, which was still in the downward assassination posture.

    The battle was finally divided, Tang Rou won and Happy won. And the character who won the in the end game showed off the victory by posing under the systematic arrangement. This scene made Tyranny a little embarrassed. When the Soft Mist in the pose pulled up the Battle Lance from under the magma, their Long River Setting Sun was still hanging on it like a flag, almost floating like a flag.
    When Song Qiying came out of the contestant stand, he was also seeing his character hanging on the opponent Battle Lance.
    Song Qiying is somewhat embarrassing, but he knows that the other party just accurately caught the timing and completed the fatal blow nothing more, and did not intend to humiliate him. What he cares more about at this time is that he failed to put his determination to win into reality. He failed everyone's expectations. This was what disappointed him the most.
    The mood of the Tyranny fans at the scene was indeed not high. Striker's loss to Battle Mage is a bit of a scar on them. After Han Qing lost to Ye Xiu in the first game, it was the rookie that symbolized the future battle between the two teams, but it was also for them to taste the defeat.
    Although they also knew that Song Qiying's performance was excellent enough, in such a backward game, they once helped Tyranny grab a chance to win. But the defeat in the last game still made them extremely uncomfortable, coupled with the embarrassing scene of the Long River Setting Sun being hung on the spearhead in the end, it made them feel heartbroken.

    Even so, when Song Qiying left the field, they still stubbornly applauded. They don't want to let their future feel their disappointment and depression. What they hope to bring to the players is always encouragement and confidence.
    This kind of care from the audience in Tyranny made Song Qiying feel even more ashamed. After returning to the players' stand, he also felt unable to face the seniors.
    "Don't blame yourself, you have performed well. I didn't play well in front, leaving you too much burden." Lin Jingyan said this, and he is indeed the worst performer on Tyranny Arena Match today. One of the players, Tyranny's lagging behind, was established when he played. At this time, while comforting Song Qiying, he took the responsibility to himself.
    "We will win next time!" Captain Han Qing didn't say much, expressing his expectations succinctly.
    "Hey? It's not a big problem, right? What's the difference between losing 1 point of Arena Match and a tie?" Zhang Jiale felt that the atmosphere was a bit heavy, and he said that he hoped that everyone would be Spiritual.
    "There is still a difference." Zhang Xinjie immediately refuted the result seriously.
    Zhang Jiale is helpless, this person is so serious.
    "Whether it is losing two points, losing one point, tying, or winning one point and winning two points, one thing really remains the same." Han Qing said at this time, "Team Match, we want to win!"

    "of course!"
    "That must be."
    Team Tyranny has rectified his emotions and is ready for the real Decisive Game of today's game.
    Where is Happy? Tang Rou's strong victory naturally boosted the morale of the team, but under the excitement, it was still sober. The real victory or defeat will be decided next.
    The players of the two teams watched the big electronic screen together. Team Match’s map will be selected next, and there will be a brief introduction to the map so that both sides can choose the lineup and make some Tactic arrangements.
    map pick starts!
    Holographic projection even projected a big question mark in the center of the competition field, which kept rotating.
    There was a crisp sound of the system prompt in the Glory online game, the map has been randomly selected, and the name of the map was typed on the large electronic screen: Colorful Spring. In the middle of the competition field, Holographic projection also presents the full picture of the map bit by bit.
    The two teams immediately seized the time to observe and kept discussing with each other until the referee stepped forward to Summon and the players of the two teams were ready to play.
    The scene suddenly became quiet. Everyone looked at the players' seats of the two teams. Which six players will each be sent to challenge each team. The next step will be known soon.
    First, Tyranny.

    Very simply and neatly, almost after the referee came to signal, six people simultaneously got up and walked towards the stage.
    Han Qing, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, Song Qiying, Zhang Xinjie, Qin Muyun.
    Let's go, see you at 12 o'clock on the cp crowd!
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