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Chapter List 1438 Unconscious Coincidence
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Meeting five people!" In the Team Happy channel, Tang Rou sent a message and attached the coordinates of her Soft Mist at this time. high speed※※
    The audience was surprised. At this time, the five Tyranny hadn't appeared in Tang Rou's line of sight. Just based on the cluttered footsteps, could they be judged to be five? This is a very keen and confident voice judgment! Some professionalBoss ional level players tried to close their eyes, but even if they knew they were five people, they didn’t have the ability to distinguish the cluttered footsteps at all. The information they could gain was just "more than one." The rough situation of "two" is nothing more.
    "Five people are there?" Ye Xiu was surprised in the channel.
    "Come to the east."
    "Then it shouldn't be."
    Tang Rou has no way to continue chatting with Ye Xiu. Although I first noticed the movement and then retreated quietly, this path of the canyon is very straight and flat. It is possible to retreat, but there is no angle to hide the stature. The five Tyranny had reached the intersection with just a few words, and it was obviously unrealistic to hope that they would not to glance sideways straight ahead. As a Pro-player, watching this kind of intersection is something that Awareness will do.
    So the Soft Mist in the southern canyon was exposed to Tyranny's perspective in this way.

    The Tyranny players were also taken aback.
    For players with experience, after seeing the size of the map from the beginning, you can roughly outline the encounter time of the two sides in some common situations. Although what I have seen so far is only Soft Mist, even if the opponent is a single-soldier movement speed comparison, I encounter it in this place. This seems impossible, right?
    The brush is out of place.
    The audience has witnessed this situation with their own eyes, but as players in the field, this situation that has never happened does not exist in their Awareness. So whether Happy or Tyranny's player is on the court, at this moment is quite confused. Dufa immediately reasoned out the reason.
    But in contrast, Happy's current response thinking is simpler. Because Happy is only Tang Rou here, 1 v 5, do you still have to think too much? Thirty-six strategies If everything else fails, retreat..
    But Tyranny was struggling.
    Bait? trap?
    These keywords could not help but jump into their thoughts. So much so that in the face of Tang Rou who was alone, they didn't dare to swarm them immediately. Faced with an unfamiliar random map, they thought about it and thought that Happy must have discovered something strange in this map, so he was able to appear in this direction faster than expected. Soft Mist has appeared here, who knows what ambush is hidden behind her?

    Tang Rou didn't think much, just retired first, but seeing that the other party hesitated, he quickly gave everyone this situation in the channel.
    Ye Xiu is leading the other four people to rush towards here. Upon receipt of this message. The previous judgment was overturned immediately.
    Ye Xiu before. Almost exactly the same as Tyranny's idea: Team Tyranny appeared in the inconceivable position. He must have discovered some trick in this picture. But at this time, Tang Rou said that when the other party met her alone, he didn't dare to move forward immediately, and it was definitely not the same thing to immediately Awareness.
    In the style of Tyranny. It was a lot of hesitation and hesitation to encounter a single person who did not immediately besieged. This shows that they are very ill-prepared for their encounter with Happy. In other words, they were as surprised by meeting Soft Mist at that location as Ye Xiu heard of meeting the five Tyranny there.
    So there must be some other reason that caused this impossible encounter to happen.
    Because of this difference, Happy seems to be one step ahead of the situation. At least it is clear that Tyranny did not take any initiative. This was a very accidental encounter.
    "Run around appropriately!" Message in Ye Xiu channel.

    "Run around?" Tang Rou was startled, of course she understood the meaning of this word. It’s just a matter of run around, which requires a good sense of measure. Tang Rou doesn’t fit in style on the one hand, and on the other hand, it lacks the experience of reading competitions. It is quite difficult to give this quest to her.
    "Let them think more." Ye Xiu explained the intention.
    "I understand." Tang Rou is not stupid. Tyranny 5 v 1 is still hesitating, obviously he has concerns. Ye Xiu's meaning is to let her pretend to be a gesture for the other party to implement this concern in the end.
    Kill it back?
    Tang Rou thought, at least Soft Mist stopped first.
    This pause immediately overturned Tyranny's slightly shadowy judgment in his heart. They were hesitating, but when they realized that Soft Mist had retreated very decisively and quickly, Awareness gradually came to Tang Rou's scruples about them. Just when they were about to make the same further judgment as Ye Xiu, Soft Mist stopped, and then turned to look at them.
    Is it because they didn't come forward, and the other side is Nai?
    That said, the other party really has an arrangement, is it really trying to lure the enemy?
    Tang Rou is really still thinking of a way! But I don't want the opponent's number of segments to be too high. Just such a stop will make the other party have a lot of associations. Tang Rou has already made a misleading start.

    But just in this situation, Tyranny's Zhang Jie gave instructions: "Let's go."
    "Ah?" Zhang Jiale was slightly surprised. If Han Wenqing gave this instruction, he would not be surprised. Don't think about traps and traps, just use Strength to break them. This Captain can do it. But Zhang Jie's words always have to be considered in the big and small, this kind of unknown, he actually let everyone directly take risks?
    "Rush upwards, see clearly, I'm coming to Heal." Zhang Jie further explained.
    There are not many words, but a wave of domineering and heroic is completely revealed. This is not the heroic and domineering performance on the offensive side, but from Heal. Zhang Jie's meaning is actually very simple: even though rush upwards, I will protect your HP.
    Relying on Strength to crush, but relying on not the attacking side, but the Heal side, domineering but cautious, Tyranny and Zhang Jie have not lost all of their styles.
    "Understand! Let's go!" Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms immediately rushed out, this kind of tentative attack, if it is done remotely, the security will be guaranteed.
    "Inge protect Heal." Han Wenqing also dropped an instruction at this time, Desert Dust rushed forward, Lin Jingyan's Terrifying Dark Cold rushed forward, Song Qiying took the lead, and Long River Setting Sun follow sb closely stayed on Immovable Rock. By your side.

    Team Tyranny finally rushed, but not attacking, but in a defensive stance.
    "They're here" Tang Rou lost a message and told his teammates, Soft Mist turned around and retired.
    "That's it? So resolute! Protect yourself." Ye Xiu replied.
    It's a change for ordinary people to cry. 1 v 5 Ah, would you just throw the phrase "protect yourself" casually? This instruction is really enough!
    Today is a small chapter, adjust it. Some time ago, it was pretty good every morning, and the door was messed up after going out. What a pity, I want to turn it around!
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