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Chapter List 1442 Induced Rhythm
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    boom! boom!
    One shot, one explosion. *Wen W Hall*
    A Stingers bloomed in the air like a firework, and it fell like raindrops, and there was an explosion of fire in the canyon. This is not over yet, various artillery shells followed one after another, falling from the sky, looking like a group of shadows, from small to large, with a roar and explosion.
    Dancing Rain, live high and look down, immediately blasted the canyon into smoke. There are five people in Team Tyranny, but under this height difference, 5 v 1 can also be 1 v 1. Only Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms can shoot twice with Dancing Rain. And he still can't display his full strength. Because the range of Spitfire is not uniform, the range of bullets is longer and the range of Grenade is shorter. At the height of the canyon, the bullet of Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms can be hit, but Grenade can't throw it. Such a Spitfire is not too much to say that it is one-third of the power.
    But Team Tyranny did not panic at all.

    The height at both ends of the canyon can be seen early; Team Happy has Su Mucheng's Launcher career, and they will not ignore it. If there is any ambush in Happy, this hand is the easiest to guess, and Tyranny is the most psychologically prepared. They don't need any communication at all, and they have already begun to calmly deal with it. First, the character collectively drilled down the side of the mountain where Dancing Rain was. The mountain wall is not smooth, so after forming a vertical line with Dancing Rain, it immediately formed a big obstacle to her attack angle. Then, Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms did not force Dancing Rain in a weak position. Opposite shot. Knowing that the height is impossible, he insisted on throwing a make a move thunder, and then Grenade was shot in the air by him.
    The light and shadow of Hundred BloBoss oms suddenly appeared in the air, making people gasp in amazement connected in a line...
    "Good craftsmanship!" Even Ye Xiu praised it on the channel.
    Hundred BloBoss oms Fighting Style, Ye Xiu really wants Ye Xiu to take a Spitfire to be able to fight decently, but Zhang Jiale is now. He consciously couldn't replicate it. After all, there is a specialization in the surgery industry. Zhang Jiale has been immersed in this strategy for so many years, and it is not true that he can be trusted casually.
    The bottom of the uneven mountain wall, coupled with the cover of Hundred BloBoss oms hanging in the sky, Su Mucheng's threat was instantly minimized by Tyranny. A group of five people moved fast against the mountain wall, but rushed towards Lord Grim of Ye Xiu.

    Ye Xiu didn't rush to the challenge. Lord Grim's horizontal movement turned out to be pasted to the other side of the mountain wall, carrying Thousand Chance Umbrella and playing long shots.
    The audience took a look. This is really bad. It's just plainly bullying Tyranny's lineup at this time.
    Tyranny's five-man team at this time, Han Wenqing and Song Qiying are two zero-range attackers, and Lin Jingyan's Brawler has a little mid-range attack method. But it can't be called a mid-range attacker, and most of the abilities are also to be used close to the body. The three of them, if they really want to attack Lord Grim, they have to move to this end, and they will be exposed under the muzzle of Dancing Rain at the upper end.
    Except these three and Zhang Xinjie's Cleric. Then there is Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms. This Spitfire is a genuine long-range attacker, but at this time he is propping up the Hundred BloBoss oms light image umbrella to prop up the attack of Dancing Rain over the obstruction. Where else can he make a move to attack the Lord Grim on this end?
    Tyranny's usual Group starting lineup, mostly Qin Muyun, or Bai Yanfei, does not lack a second long-range attack point. However, today’s Team Match launched Song Qiying’s Long River Setting Sun for the first time, but Ye Xiu has made a big fuss about it now.

    From the audience's point of view, Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng are up and down. With one left and one right control, Tyranny has no way at all. I'm afraid it's going to be unlucky. The result? In the end, Tyranny seemed like nothing had happened. Where did Lord Grim go? Well, then ignore him. We continue to rush forward.
    Ignore Lord Grim? The audience completely forgot that there would still be this choice, then this choice. What will happen?
    Lord Grim started a long-range attack without any fear of the consequences. First, it was a Gatling Gun. Thousand Chance Umbrella's muzzle was trembling wildly. At the end of Tyranny, there was a burst fire, which hit the Flying Upwards and Tyranny. All were turned on their faces. But what about this? A little dirt on his face didn't cause much damage, and it didn't matter if I had one or two bullets, Tyranny's progress was unimpeded at all.
    Anti-Tank MiBoss ile!
    Ye Xiu then asked Lord Grim to make a heavy hand. These blasting damages brought some range to the attack, and it was not so easy to dodge. However, Tyranny are not the ordinary players that Ye Xiu faces in the tenth server or Heavenly Domain, and they are not those that he can easily suppress by relying on mechanical skills. These junior abilities are all very familiar, and they continue to avoid the past without chaos.
    The distance is still a little far away.

    Ye Xiu seemed to feel this. In order to make Tyranny more troubled, Lord Grim turned towards the movement a little bit, instead of keeping close to the mountain wall.
    Floating Bullet, Stun Bullet!
    This time, Lord Grim sent a little effect, the gunshots banged twice, and the bullets hit one after another.
    Both shots were hit.
    But the character has neither Knock-up nor stun. Desert Dust opened a Reinforced Iron Bones and directly stopped the bullet with his body.
    Then, Lord Grim came again with Magic Attack, but for those who don't have any special Attack Effects, the Tyranny team ignored them quite thoroughly. Unspecialized, the damage of this low-level skill, they really didn't pay much attention to it.
    But dripping water can also be worn through stones. No matter how low the damage is, you can't ignore it forever. This road is not short!
    This is where Tyranny hasn’t been, but the audience knew from God’s perspective that Ye Xiu and Tang Rou introduced Tyranny into the longest canyon in this picture. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng can last for a long time with high and low controls. If you continue to do this alone, the consumption is definitely not small. What's more, Happy and the two attackers did not enter the battle!

    Team Tyranny is patient, but the audience is a bit unable to sit still, especially Tyranny fans. They only think that because Tyranny players don’t know the map situation, they want to hold on to wait for a turnaround. But when it comes to the time, sacrifices will be made. It’s huge, it’s always been so bad!
    Thinking like this, Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, who has been supporting the sky with the light and shadow of Hundred BloBoss oms, suddenly turned his muzzle, banged bang bang, rushed towards Lord Grim with a series of rapid fire. Desert Dust, Long River Setting Sun, Terrifying Dark Cold, the characters of the three Fighter-claBoss rushed towards Lord Grim like an arrow from the string.
    what's happenin?
    what happens?
    Although anxious for Tyranny to continue this situation, when Tyranny really suddenly changes the rhythm, Tyranny fans are still panic. Was this sudden outbreak because of a turning point? Where is the turning point? Dancing Rain above is clearly still there!
    "Hahaha, I am a hundred times more familiar with her than you guys!"
    As a result, Ye Xiu left a string of messages in the channel, as if at the same time, when Tyranny suddenly broke out, Lord Grim had already begun to retreat, avoiding the shooting of Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, turning over and jumping up, ninjato from Thousand Chance Pulled out of Umbrella, thrown towards the mountain wall...

    In just a few strokes, the height of Lord Grim already made Han Wenqing and Song Qiying, the two Striker with the shortest attack range, gritted their teeth. Lin Jingyan and Zhang Jiale, especially Zhang Jiale, can still continue to use many methods, but at this time the roar of guns continue to sound in the sky, the firepower seems to be a lot weaker, but the attack is concentrated on the Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, under this kind of obstruction , Zhang Jiale’s obstruction effect on Ye Xiu has also become extremely poor. It only deals with Brawler’s hand-to-range attacks, but it’s not difficult for Ye Xiu. Lord Grim ups and downs, Thousand Chance Umbrella supports him, and directly Mechanical ROT or Wing completely flew to the top of the mountain wall.
    "Friends under the mountain, how are you?" Ye Xiu was still in Provoke.
    Zhang Jiale was so furious, Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms sent a clip fiercely, but Lord Grim only shrank his head to avoid it. Dancing Rain's firepower at this time seemed to be turning from weak to strong again. Team Tyranny quickly contracted again and stood under this end of the mountain wall.
    The audience reacted at this moment.
    Team Tyranny is not more than one can bear Enraged, but really waited for the opportunity. The opportunity comes from Dancing Rain’s Ability Cooldown!

    After a wave of attacks, some Ability will definitely enter Cooldown. Having a beautiful Ability cycle is necessary to guarantee damage. This is something that the gamers of in the online game PvE must be particularly aware of when playing Boss. But the PK field is different, because PK is ever-changing, and the fixed damage skill combo of PvE may not be able to be used in PK at one go, especially in the crowded Team Match.
    However, Dancing Rain is live high and look down today, almost free from any obstruction. Su Mucheng really wants to set up an uninterrupted damage system like PvE Boss, let alone one set, three sets of five sets are not a problem.
    But Tyranny is not as easy to deal with as the Boss in the online game. Although they are the attacked party, the attacked party can also use their own defense to control the opponent's attack. The Tyranny five seem to just stick to the wall and prop up the Hundred BloBoss oms light and shadow Walk, but in fact their overall action is to attract and control the firepower of Dancing Rain. If Su Mucheng wants to threaten them with firepower, he must follow the rhythm they release.
    In this way, Ability may not fully realize the perfect cycle, and the firepower drop caused by Ability Cooldown will appear sooner or later.
    Team Tyranny clearly grasped this point and chose to launch it at this time. Unexpectedly, Ye Xiu saw it more clearly than they did.

    Lord Grim withdrew, Dancing Rain's existing firepower, suppressing Tyranny's five threats is not enough, but it is still enough to obstruction when concentrated in one corner. So Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, the only long-range attacker among the Tyranny five, was successfully covered and Lord Grim was withdrawn directly from the mountain wall.
    In the seemingly ordinary changes, it is the Da Zangmen Dao. Ordinary audiences can see Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain at a high level. At this time, there are a lot of Ability Cooldown, but no one can tell that this is the result of Tyranny's inducing rhythm. This is not the time they waited for, but they deliberately played a cheBoss piece.
    The game was good, but it was dismantled by Ye Xiu.
    "Finally, I'm on the stage!" Fang Rui's message jumped out in the public chat box. Happy’s next cheBoss piece is here.
    The surrounding pre-orders will close at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, and the students who are still hesitant to speed up their thinking.
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