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Chapter List 1485 Terrible Victory
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    Line of Destruction was breached!
    There may be some ordinary players who still have illusions. After all, they have seen Su Mucheng's superb control of the Line of Destruction in previous matches. She can even make a Line of Destruction at a distance considered impossible. The explosion of Destruction.
    However, Pro-players all understand that it is not the issue of distance or distance at the moment, but that Dancing Rain's Ability really consumes too much, and it has really reached the point of unsustainable. This is not a problem that can be solved by relying on mechanical skills and utilization.
    The situation of this game can be described as Hedong for twenty years and Hexi for twenty years. And now, the twenty years of Hedong time that belonged to Su Mucheng has ended, and the next twenty years of Hexi time that Zhou Zekai will take over the game.
    Will there be any turnaround?
    There are of course unlimited and even this possibility on the side of Happy, but as far as Pro-player is concerned, there seem to be not many people who are still optimistic about Su Mucheng.
    "It's too much consumption." Pro-players shook their heads and sighed.
    "But I always feel that the consumption shouldn't be so big!" At this time, a voice came out, and everyone looked at it and saw Team Mystical player Guo Shao.

    Team Mystical is a new team that just joined the league this season with Happy. It ranked 13th in the end. As a new team, this result is very good. After all, there are too many new teams that are just a cool season. You come and go in a hurry.
    But it is a pity that Happy is a monster in this season's new team. As a new team, they entered the Finals in the end, and now they have reached the third round of the finals with Team Samsara. Under the light of Happy, Team Mystical, who has a very good result, can be regarded as neglected. A lot.
    However, Guo Shao of Team Mystical, a rookie who has just entered the league, has attracted much attention and is also one of the candidates for the Season Best Rookie. There is a message saying that there are already many Giants Teams interested in him.
    At this moment, he said something abruptly. Several of the Excellent Era beside him were born, and He Ming and the others, who are considered seniors to him, were a little flustered. Here experts are like clouds, Great God is piled up. Who needs your rookie as a new team to comment?
    But Guo Shao's words suddenly evoked a trace of doubt in the hearts of several Great Gods. They looked at Guo Shao here one after another, and then quickly found the same suspicious eyes.
    After sitting closer, the discussion soon began. When other players saw the actions of these Great Gods, they all looked at the large electronic screen and noticed the playback just now.

    "Zhou Zekai..." At this moment, someone called his name suddenly.
    "In the case of being suppressed by the Line of Destruction, I also deliberately slowed down the rhythm." The person continued.
    Everyone was shocked. After looking at Tiny Herb Great God Wang Jiexi who said this one after another, following this line of thought, he went to the various things that just happened on the court, and soon found various clues.
    Everyone agrees with Wang Jiexi's opinion, which is why Guo Shao mentioned that the consumption is not so large at the beginning. He couldn't find the reason, but he just felt that something was wrong. This is a very keen combat intuition.
    But at this moment, the first thing everyone is paying attention to is not the talent shown by Guo Shao. After confirming this, everyone feels that the scalp is numb, and there seems to be a trace of cold air in the back.
    It's really terrible!
    In the case of being suppressed by the Line of Destruction, he didn't try to get rid of it as soon as possible. In such a strong attack, he deliberately slowed down his pace and prolonged the opponent's attack. Increase the consumption of the other party.

    This is a Decisive Game! Everyone has already known what kind of responsibility Zhou Zekai bears at this time. But in this situation, he still dared to play so big. What he showed was not just advance courageously determination and impulsiveness. In the process, he quietly let go of the winner.
    Everyone was silent, as silent as Zhou Zekai was usually.
    Everyone knows that this guy is used to not talking and just doing, but to do this is really too thorough. Break through everyone's imagination.
    If it is said that although Su Mucheng was not optimistic about Su Mucheng before, at least he still had a slight expectation of her. So for this reason, this little expectation was finally stifled.
    Zhou Zekai wins!
    In the end, Guo Guo is so. Cloud Piercer, which broke through the Line of Destruction, quickly launched a powerful attack, three to five steps of Firearm melee technique changeable attack, not to mention that the Dancing Rain Ability at this time is irregular, even if it is complete, it is difficult to compete with SharpshoOT er at this distance, let alone Zhou Zekai, who has already controlled the shooting of SharpshoOT er, is like the chopping of melee ClaBoss.
    There was thunderous applause!
    If the previous game with Ye Xiu was just a tie, it was not enough to improve morale. Then the effect of this round can be very amazing.

    Although Cloud Piercer was crushed to death by the heavy firepower of Dancing Rain in the first half, Zhou Zekai showed a tenacious and tenacious at this stage, and then broke through the firepower suppression and directly won the victory. The whole process is so one's heart's content.
    Oh oh oh!
    The Samsara fans at the scene screamed and laughed, and Su Mucheng walked out of the game stand and walked off the court in response to these sounds.
    Is her performance bad?
    No one would think that, and no one would think that they would perform better on the court than her. But there is no way. The result in the end is that she loses, and the excitement she left in the game will naturally be much indifferent. In the eyes of many ordinary players, there is even a sense of Su Mucheng being blown up by a wave.
    After all, the speed of this game is also very fast, in the end is only 1 minute and 7 seconds. Although the back and forth of the attack is quite complicated, on the whole, there is a feeling that both of them have only one move.
    One move determines the outcome, in the end, the one who succeeds in one strike is Zhou Zekai.
    Su Mucheng returned to the contestant stand, his mood did not seem to be depressed, and before everyone came forward to comfort him, he told everyone that she was okay with a smile.
    So far, Samsara has already led Happy, and Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer currently has 45% HP.

    Not a small advantage, but even more terrifying is Samsara's morale at this time. The Samsara audience at the scene was already very excited, and the players on the Samsara stand were all excited, including Sun Xiang, who was the first to lose in the battle and was somewhat lost.
    Right now, there is too much need to kill Samsara's momentum. As a result, Mo Fan took the initiative to stand up.
    He didn't speak, but everyone clearly knew his intentions, and then everyone looked at Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu had the final say on who was going.
    Ye Xiu was simply nod, and Mo Fan was still silent, turned around and walked onto the court.
    Su Mucheng played, Ye Xiu didn't give any explanation, because he knew Su Mucheng knew everything. But now that Mo Fan, a professional rookie, is playing, Ye Xiu still didn't explain it.
    Ye Xiu is actually not sure whether Mo Fan understands the urgency of the current situation, but since he is actively seeking battle, he is naturally prepared for it. Ye Xiu does not intend to say extra words to disturb Mo Fan's mind. I just hope that he will focus all his attention on the game, on the opponent, on the outcome.
    Sniping on Samsara's momentum, Mo Fan's style is still more appropriate, even if he didn't take the initiative to ask for it, Ye Xiu has already considered him.

    Two players who didn't speak a lot of words faced each other in this match. These are two players who like to express themselves in action.
    The game started soon.
    This is a very critical round, and in this round Happy sent a rookie, this will definitely be questioned in any team. But in Happy, it is much more natural. After all, this is a new team, except for Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng and Fang Rui, who are all rookie. Although Wei Chen is a veteran, everyone is used to not treating him as a big force.
    But after all, there is still one Fang Rui who did not appear in Happy. The current situation, the current momentum, no matter how you look at it, shouldn't be the time to be reserved.
    "Happy now, will it be better if Fang Rui is told to be honest?" Pan Lin thinks so.
    "Normally, the current situation really shouldn't be supported by a rookie. However, in addition to Happy, there is only Fang Rui, a player with experience. Now on Fang Rui, if the effect is not satisfactory, you can do it again. There is no chance to save it. The first Mo Fan will be a buffer, even if the game is not good, it will make the next Fang Rui play more stable.” Li Yibo said in this analysis.
    "What you said makes sense, let us enjoy the game together!" Pan Lin said.

    The game officially started. The map remains unchanged. In the middle section, there are still various traces of battle left by Ye Xiu against Sun Xiang in the first battle. They are left by the two of them, and more are left by the NPCs. of.
    After Zhou Zekai played two consecutive games, they played super fast, and the battle was over without triggering the map plot.
    What about this one?
    After rushing for two consecutive bursts, what will happen to Zhou Zekai in this burst? Will he pressure the rhythm and play steadily?
    As soon as the game started, Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer rushed out again, as determined and decisive as the previous two consecutive battles. He was actually going to continue this rhythm and continue to beat the opponent directly in a sturdy style.
    This repeated strategy audience was not bored, but extremely excited. The name of Zhou Zekai was shouted at the scene, and shouts such as 1 vs 3 were also called out neatly and powerfully.
    Yup! If you win this round, it will be 1 vs 3. Even though Lord Grim of the first opponent Ye Xiu is already close to the red blood HP, in terms of mechanical skill statistics after the game, Zhou Zekai will defeat three opponents, and Cloud Piercer will shoot three characters. .

    1 vs 3, it’s already shocking enough to appear. Are the three opponents of full health only a supplement to on brocade and add flowers? That's it, it's more perfect, but it's not so, and there's no reason to come to Provoke.
    1 vs 3!
    1 vs 3!
    1 vs 3!
    Samsara audience shouted, they were not satisfied with victory, they began to have new expectations. It couldn’t be more perfect to have such an ultimate performance on this ultimate stage!
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