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Chapter List 1490 Position Control
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Zhou Zekai did not retreat, Zhou Zekai still moved forward, but this time it was a real challenge. .Pro-players who have analyzed the pros and cons for a long time, all Awareness to fight in this chaos is not good for Zhou Zekai.
    But many viewers at the scene did not have Awareness to this problem. In the minds of these loyal fans, their Captain is invincible, there are no flaws, and it is impossible to use common sense to guess.
    This, in fact, Pro-players also recognize that Zhou Zekai's top expert cannot be guessed by common sense. Shooting bullets is like a sword. Is this fast and accurate, is that common sense?
    Everyone is used to thinking about him without common sense, but he hasn't forgotten common sense. He really doesn't leave opponent any opportunities for opening(s). But now, Fang Rui uses the location of this map to set him up with a common flaw.
    Zhou Zekai hesitated to make a decision, and finally did not choose to avoid the delay, Cloud Piercer resolutely rushed forward.
    Does this guy want to break common sense just like this? Pro-players thought about it, there was already thunderous applause at the scene.
    Charged, but didn't shoot.
    The black rapping muzzle pointed at BoundleBoss Sea, getting closer and closer, but there was no fire.

    Fang Rui was fully prepared for the battle with Zhou Zekai in this kind of situation. He was very welcome to see Zhou Zekai's unrelenting retreat and let Cloud Piercer rush forward. BoundleBoss Sea immediately made a roll, while avoiding two attacks, it also actively approached Cloud Piercer.
    It's just that the moment he lowered his body, he saw the artillery shell burst out from behind him with a tongue of fire. The attack given by the Launcher NPC was immediately transferred to Cloud Piercer of Zhou Zekai.
    Cloud Piercer leaned aside and avoided. The BoundleBoss Sea where Roll was on the ground suddenly bounced up at this moment, and both palms pushed out.
    Sky Blast Cannon!
    Fang Rui actually made the BoundleBoss Sea's attack and the NPC Launcher's attack form a connection. Sky Blast Cannon went straight to the hiding stature of Cloud Piercer. He doesn't care if he meets the NPC. Anyway, the NPC has already established aggro against him, and he doesn't mind even the NPC and Cloud Piercer are destroyed together.
    Sky Blast Cannon covers a wide range. Cloud Piercer, who just hid the artillery shell, seems to have been completely shrouded. The swarming NPCs around make his choices even narrower. This blow from BoundleBoss Sea was definitely not handed down by Fang Rui, this guy considered too much. From the natural behavior of Roll avoiding two attacks, to drawing out the launcher's bullet behind him, to Sky Blast Cannon make a move, to Cloud Piercer just in such a crowded space...

    Too many, it may be ordinary for ordinary players, but for pro players, the many details at this moment make them feel dazzled.
    Can this blow be avoided?
    Many people already couldn't, but Zhou Zekai is an existence that breaks conventional cognition. Cloud Piercer suddenly jumped up at this moment, and at the same time, two gunshots banged.
    It's just a normal jump, the speed is not enough, but with the recoil of these two shots, Cloud Piercer's jump becomes swift, and at the same time it bends up and lifts its legs. This Sky Blast Cannon blasted past his body.
    Shot it!
    Cloud Piercer shot in the NPC pile, but these two shots did not attract any NPC's attention. The few people who squeezed in the direction of him still pointed their attacks at BoundleBoss Sea instead of turning their heads. Look at Cloud Piercer.
    He fired two shots in the pile of NPCs, but the two shots did not hit any NPC. Zhou Zekai did not compromise with the environment so quickly. He was still looking for opportunities in the chaos.
    Bang bang!
    As a result, at this moment, Cloud Piercer, who was twisting in the air, spouted two clusters of sparks from the muzzle.
    The bullet flew out of the chamber and attacked the target, except for BoundleBoss Sea. Of course, there would be no second possibility.

    The two characters are very close, and the two shots were fired so suddenly. Watching Zhou Zekai just do Cloud Piercer's jump, the shooting must be careful to avoid the NPC. Everyone thought he would not easily be in this chaos. Make an unsure attack. Unexpectedly, in such a Knock-up, while shaking, he actually made Cloud Piercer two shots.
    puff! With a sound, a cluster of blood flowers.
    The two shots were too close and too sudden, and Fang Rui couldn't fully cope with it. BoundleBoss Sea hurriedly dodged and avoided one shot.
    Just ordinary shooting, damage is not terrible. Fang Rui is the same as everyone. At this time, he is more concerned about the whereabouts of the bullet and whether the bullet hits the NPC.
    puff! There was also a sound, but there was no blood blossoms, only mud blossoms, and another bullet, so it was drilled in the NPC's pile, in the end hit the ground and got into the chaos without hitting any NPC.
    Zhou Zekai would not let Cloud Piercer shoot without being sure. He asked Cloud Piercer to fire these two shots because he was sure.
    Cloud Piercer fell to the ground, and there was an NPC rush upwards around him trying to attack BoundleBoss Sea. He leaned slightly, and did not block the opponent's way at all. But Wildfire with his right hand pointed steadily forward-the direction where BoundleBoss Sea is located.

    There are too many NPCs in action. The stature of BoundleBoss Sea appears and disappearing from his perspective. He did not fire, but did not change his posture. But the previous two shots have let everyone know that he is not incapable of firing, he needs a chance to fire. Even in such chaos, he can still complete the shooting that does not hit the NPC but only attacks the BoundleBoss Sea. His work is so powerful.
    "too strong."
    This kind of intrepidity is not just ordinary players, even Pro-players can only admire.
    "Fuck is strong, but stronger is the ability to control the situation." Team Tiny Herb Here, Captain Wang Jiexi is commenting on the current scene with the Tiny Herb players.
    "This kind of chaotic scene is not good for Gunner's performance, this is no doubt." Wang Jiexi continued, "but the two shots of Zhou Zekai sent a signal to opponent: even in such a chaotic scene, I have a way to complete it. Attack. This is different from what most people would expect. So now, even if Zhou Zekai does not attack, his concentration on Fang Rui is a kind of damage. He has to always beware of when he will deal with the entanglement of NPCs. There is an opportunity for Zhou Zekai to attack."
    "What should I do then?" a rookie in the team asked.
    "Proactive, proactive." Wang Jiexi said.

    Fang Rui clearly understands this truth. At this time, he would never be so passive, let Zhou Zekai wait for the opportunity so peacefully.
    Change direction, pathing, Roll!
    BoundleBoss Sea is running around in the NPC pile, evading attacks on the one hand, and guiding in the direction of Cloud Piercer on the other.
    Zhou Zekai watched his actions, Cloud Piercer did not move forward or back, but the muzzle was constantly shifting following his movement.
    Facing the pointed gunpoint of Cloud Piercer of Zhou Zekai, no one would feel pressureless. This means that he doesn't want to attack the NPC, otherwise the BoundleBoss Sea would have been nailed severely by a rain of bullets. From this level, these NPCs really became Fang Rui's umbrella at this time.
    BoundleBoss Sea continued to run around, in various ugly and insignificant postures created by Fang Rui. His combatant perspective given by broadcast keeps on the sky spins, the earth goes round, ordinary players can't tell anything from the screen, they can't even find the direction. But instead of looking at the combatant perspective, just watching the battle screen, every step of the BoundleBoss Sea is so clear.
    His movement and pathing don't look complicated, but the angle of view is turning so nauseous.

    He is not as simple as avoiding the attacks of NPCs. He is observing. He needs to see clearly the pathing and attacks of every NPC around him, because this will be what he will use to win the victory. Just relying on this chaos to hinder Gunner's perspective and shooting trajectory is not enough to limit Zhou Zekai. If he wants to use these to win, he needs to do higher levels and more complicated things, he has long known.
    This is difficult, especially for the current self.
    Fang Rui knew his status. He didn't want to play in Arena Match. He wanted to retain Spirit and strength to play in the more critical Team Match. But Arena Match's situation is too bad, he can no longer wait for Team Match.
    But to deal with this guy, it may be more difficult than playing a Team Match!
    The dazzling viewing angle finally stabilized for a moment, and it locked Cloud Piercer firmly.
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