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Chapter List 1556 Super God Makeup
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    This was premeditated from the beginning.
    When Awareness got to the intention of both Ye and Su, the pro player immediately captured more meaning.
    Su Mucheng frequently showed the attitude of attacking Jiang BOT ao Empty Waves, and this is in front of him. In the face of Launcher, the closer the distance is, the safer it is. Any Pro-player with close combat capability will make this choice in that situation.
    What about Ye Xiu?
    Lord Grim started to induce Zhou Zekai when he started looking for opening(s) various pathings. Zhou Zekai knows which positions can have a perspective that bypasses the cover, so Ye Xiu also knows behind which cover, Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer can walk to the position he needs.
    Then, rush out, push on, and approach.
    In order to give Lord Grim more suppression, Zhou Zekai would naturally make Cloud Piercer retreat to keep the distance between the two sides.
    No one can say that the Samsara player's response was wrong. For any player, facing the same situation, I am afraid they will all respond in the same way. No one would have thought that these two people were actually planning such a blow.
    The moment the mushroom cloud rose, everyone was shocked.
    No one saw the lighter that Dancing Rain led the attack. When everyone noticed, the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile had already dropped from the sky by Wind Howl.

    It's really just an instinct for Awareness in the face of attacks. If you want to avoid Heat-seeking MiBoss ile completely, lighter guidance is the key. When the positioning of the lighter is completed, the speed of Heat-seeking MiBoss ile Wind Howl falling is far above the character.
    The dodge is only a little bit of personnel, at most, it can avoid the core of the explosion, slightly reducing the extent of the damage.
    At this moment, the three Samsara paid more attention to execution: attack.
    The restrictions on Dancing Rain will definitely be broken after this blow, and they will be hit harder by this blow. At this time, all they should do is to kill Dancing Rain.
    It still played a role in the restraint of Dancing Rain's original position. Dancing Rain still has no room to dodge the attack made by the three under this situation.
    Everything in the mushroom cloud, the audience can't see distinctly clear, only see the figure shaking, see the light and shadow of Ability flickering. The three Samsara didn't care about crowd control at this moment, they all used powerful attacks on Ability. Then we saw that the HP of the four characters were all declining rapidly.
    Whose HP will slip to the end, and whose HP will stop?
    Everyone's hearts are hanging in the air, looking at the four health bars. At this time, no matter the TV broadcast or the large screen at the scene, the HP bar close-ups of the four characters are listed.

    zeroed out!
    One of the four health bars has been zeroed at the fastest speed.
    Jiang BOT ao's Empty Waves?
    Everyone gave the answer of Awareness. After all, his HP was the lowest, 11%, and he should not be able to withstand the blow of the heat-sensing missile.
    But it is not!
    The name of the blood bar is impressively Dancing Rain. Samsara's full-scale fire in the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile explosion, on the contrary, killed Dancing Rain more quickly.
    Cloud Piercer and One Autumn Leaf's HP are still declining. Their HP is still about 30%. Heat-seeking MiBoss ile will not kill them directly. What about Jiang BOT ao’s Empty Waves?
    The HP drop of Empty Waves was the first to stop, with 7% midnight and 7% midnight!
    Empty Waves is still alive, that is to say, the next situation is Ye Xiu 1 v 3?
    Countless people are thinking like this in their hearts. Although in the last round of Team Match, Ye Xiu had a one-to-three scene. But in fact, what he did at that time was just to protect himself. It was only based on the recognition of the three Samsara that "three hits one is definitely no problem, and it will definitely be resolved soon", so that the three of them were controlled there. He didn't really control the three, let alone defeat them with one enemy three.

    But now, it is really necessary for him to defeat the three of them. How can this kind of thing be done? Everyone thinks like this. For Happy's hard work to this point, in the end turned out to be just such a helpless ending. Everyone can't help but feel some regrets in their hearts.
    For Samsara, this is really a blessing.
    So not expected at the outset of a wave of attacks, in the end has the advantage, but it is still them.
    The best partner has been disbanded, Happy is only Ye Xiu left on the court, and Samsara, the strongest trio is still there.
    Win it!
    At this time, you can have a little thought like this, right?
    Jiang BOT ao, whose character HP only has 7% midnight left, is the most fortunate one. He can be regarded as walking away from the ghost door closed. Empty Waves is still alive, thanks to his adjustments when Lord Grim was forced to come up. He had life-saving Awareness at that time, close to Dancing Rain, he was fearless, but Lord Grim came up, of course he had to retreat appropriately and stretch a little distance. In addition, the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile released by Su Mucheng will certainly not be centered on the Empty Waves with the least blood, so in the end, Empty Waves is the closest to the explosion edge among the three characters of Samsara, plus the armor plate defense Compared with Awareness's dodge action when the missile falls, Empty Waves suffers the lowest damage.
    It's great to live, only to live can enjoy victory most perfectly!

    This is the moment, Jiang BOT ao's real thoughts in his mind, but only thoughts, not even a little emotional, the HP of Empty Waves suddenly jumped again.
    Empty Waves is dead.
    Jiang BOT ao dumbstruck. He can be absolutely sure that the explosion damage of Heat-seeking MiBoss ile has stopped. This is an ability that generates explosive power in an instant, not a continuous damage technique.
    what is this?
    The angle of view floats, and in the gray screen, Jiang BOT ao sees Empty Waves's fallen chest with a Shuriken inserted.
    finishing blow ……
    Heat-seeking MiBoss ile did not kill him, but there was a finishing blow after Ye Xiu.
    This attack came so fast, and the damage of the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile attack was less than a second. Not to mention that Jiang BOT ao does not have Awareness. Even if Awareness has arrived, he can't dodge such a fast and accurate finishing blow.
    No victory yet.
    It's not over yet.
    Heat-seeking MiBoss ile is just the beginning. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had expected that in such a besieged situation, even if Dancing Rain released that blow, it would be impossible to get out again, and they would definitely be desperate by Samsara. The wave set fire to kill.
    But Ye Xiu is ready for finishing blow.

    Seven percent in midnight, Empty Waves is only seven percent short of midnight to die. It is so small that even Jiang BOT ao can't be sure that Empty Waves can live at that instant, but Ye Xiu accurately judged that Shuriken’s finishing blow Come so precise, come so impeccably.
    Watch out!
    It's not over yet!
    Next is the time for Ye Xiu to start finishing blow!
    Jiang BOT ao really wanted to convey this information to the other two teammates on the field, because he knew that Heat-seeking MiBoss ile also had quite powerful Attack Effects, and at that moment all three of them were desperately attacking Dancing. Rain, except for the avoidance of Awareness, they have no spare capacity to do other works. At this time, they must be impacted by the shock wave of the explosion. Ye Xiu, it is precisely this time that they will be solved in an instant.
    1 vs 3 is an impossible quest, but in this special situation, Jiang BOT ao feels a great crisis. Because he felt the full trust between Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng, as well as all kinds of self-confidence. Ye Xiu believes that Su Mucheng will be able to grab a map gun, and Su Mucheng also firmly believes that Ye Xiu will be able to complete the next finishing blow alone after Dancing Rain falls.

    Glory is not a game of one person, this is the point of view that Ye Xiu has always insisted on. Up to this point, when he was alone on the court, what he carried out was still this belief. In an in the end situation that everyone worked hard to paved, he put an end to everyone's efforts.
    "Be careful!!" Jiang BOT ao only hates that his voice cannot be heard. The light and shadow of the explosion have not yet faded, and the angle of view has risen to the mid-air Jiang BOT ao. I can see a Real Taoist shadow flashing like lightning, and another silhouette rapidly overlapping.
    Even under the cover of light and smoke, Jiang BOT ao can recognize the silhouette, which he is very familiar with, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer.
    Powerful Knee Strike!
    Aerial Twist!
    Two successive abilities are made by weapons from Mage-class.
    When the Powerful Knee Strike was approaching, Zhou Zekai had noticed that he quickly adjusted the stability of the Cloud Piercer, which was set off in the air by the shock wave of the explosion, to shoot and kill the Lord Grim. But when the gunfire sounded, Lord Grim's legs were already twisted between his neck.
    Lord Grim twisted his body in the air, and all the bullets shot by Cloud Piercer hit the ground. Before Ye Xiu waited for the Ability to fall to the ground, he had already taken the Ability message, and his sword, which was still spinning, was swung out, Collapsing Mountain.

    With no help in the air, Collapsing Mountain naturally had no jump effect. It was just a hit in the center, hitting Cloud Piercer.
    The double stature then fell sharply. As a result, Lord Grim Ability changed again, and the sword swung up suddenly turned upward, Upward Slash!
    Cloud Piercer seems to be doing a Cloudy Heaven flying car. Lord Grim changed his moves rapidly, constantly changing the direction of attack, so that his stature did not stay on the same track at all. Even for a moment, this rhythm, even if Zhou Zekai can't adjust it at all.
    How fast does this have to be?
    In the eyes of ordinary players, this is simply unimaginable. This is even the setting of the game shattered. In their opinion, at this point in time, such an ability can't be fully displayed, right?
    But pro players know that they can play such a fast Ability because Ye Xiu constantly cancels the Ability in the process. Every Ability hits the opponent with the shortest and most direct line, and then does not wait for the Ability to use it. Immediately force cancellation, follow the next Ability, and repeat the cycle. The damage of such Ability may not be thorough or complete, but the change is approaching extreme. And this extreme change made Zhou Zekai unable to cope.
    In principle, this is the case, but how accurate is this judgment, how fast is this hand speed?

    Casting Ability, forcibly canceling, among which, Lord Grim has to add a weapon form change work.
    What is the hand speed?
    pro player dumbstruck. They have all experienced Unspecialized Kombat, but it is the first time they have seen it when it is so dense and so dense. Great God level, this is like an insult, this is a super god level!
    Falling Flower Palm, Anti-Tank MiBoss ile, Gatling Gun.
    In the blink of an eye, there were four more abilities. The same density, the same speed, the moment that Falling Flower Palm used, it was hardly noticed if it was not a pro player. Then, Cloud Piercer was wrapped in the flames of the Anti-Tank MiBossile explosion. At this time, the high-speed bullets of the Gatling Gun had already been embedded in his flesh, and together with the knock-up effect of the Falling Flower Palm, they sent Cloud Piercer away.
    Cloud Piercer HP zeroed!
    Zhou Zekai didn't give Zhou Zekai any chance to adjust. The ultra-density Ability attack made the stability of Cloud Piercer in the ultra-high frequency of various rotations and changes, and there was no way to adjust it.
    Cloud Piercer die.
    Three and five seconds ago, Ye Xiu 1 vs 3.
    Three seconds ago, Ye Xiu 1 vs 2.
    At this time, pick one.
    Jiang BOT ao, Zhou Zekai.

    The Samsara team that led Samsara to two league championships, Ye Xiu only took 3.5 seconds to double-click them. Even if two people's characters are all residual blood, even if two people are greatly affected by Heat-seeking MiBoss ile, the kill time of 3.5 seconds is enough to be called a miracle.
    There is no words to describe, the scene is full of noisy exclamations. Because the changes are so fast, everyone captures different things every moment. While this person was still screaming at what he saw, the other person caught something different from his visual rhythm.
    But no matter what, Empty Waves and Cloud Piercer, these two characters have really fallen, and they fell without fighting back. Then, One Autumn Leaf, the character created by Ye Xiu, will be his target in the end. (To be continued.)
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