《Cultivation of Forty Thousand Years》brief introduction

Cultivation of Forty Thousand Years

author: 卧牛真人

"This is a 'Sirius' class spar warship, weighing 390 million tons, operated by 1523 cultivators during the Qi Refining period. Its master crystal brain can compute 90 millions of soul-thoughts per second, a 'computational power' comparable to the Yuanying old monster, and can instantly suppress a planet!" Li Yaozhuo stood on the endless star sea, looking at the behemoth in front of him, and silently calculated:" To dismantle this battleship into scrap iron, I need —— 7 seconds! "... In the 40,000s of Cultivation Era, a hot-blooded legend of a common frontier boy snarled at the stars and dominated the galaxy!

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