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《World Destroying Demonic Emperor》brief introduction

World Destroying Demonic Emperor

author: 沉默的糕点

Lanling, a junior boy, was hit by a meteor and passed through a different world. He was rescued by a female warrior of the Sox family. As if it were God's will, he looked very similar to Sauron, the young master of Tianshui City, and this dude had already died. In order to repay the grace of life-saving, the protagonist promised to pretend to be the young master Sauron to inherit the position of Tianshui city master. So, he faced a family that was on the verge of ruin. A widowed elder sister of national grace, an astronomical amount of prostitute's fee and gambling debts, and girlfriends and lovers of nearly three figures. Lanling felt the pressure. (Chinese Name: 灭世魔帝)

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