《Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System》brief introduction

Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

author: 一言生死与卿同

Time pauses, time reverses, local objects time reverses, predicts the future ... Constantly discovering new abilities, and controlling time in your own hands. Time Suspends: picks street fights and avoids disasters, Surin is invincible. Time Goes Backwards: absolute medicine for regrets, not afraid to do wrong things. The Local Objects Backwards in Time: repair the objects, treat the disease, and Surin turns into Su Shenyi(Magic Dr. Su). Foreseeing the future, buying lottery tickets, watching stocks, avoiding disasters, listening to Surin's always right. A pretentious female teacher, a mighty female mayor, an iceberg school beauty, an overbearing nurse next door, a fierce female policewoman, and a sharp tongue (Chinese Name: 极品美女养成系统)

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