《The Free and Unfettered Landloard》brief introduction

The Free and Unfettered Landloard

author: 永恒火

Because of an accident, Fang Tianfeng mastered the power of "Qi Luck". In order to have more time to strengthen his power, he accepted a job to look after the villa. However, after showing off a bit, Xiaoxiao was regarded as a master, and then he couldn't manage it. Those who believed in him were rescued and achieved meteoric success. Those who didn't believe him, even the richest men or high ranking officials, were all out of luck, and they finally felt terribly regretful. The villa was too big, so he post renting information, and the beauties moved in one after another. Elegant ballet dancer, innocent school beauty, icily arrogant woman president, considerate female nurse (Chinese Name: 逍遥房东)

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