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Gourmet Food Supplier

"In the far east, there is a strange little shop that has rejected the Michelin three-star rating several times. The price is expensive there. A bow... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland 4 Ultimate Douluo

author: 唐家三少

After ten thousand years, the ice has melted. The Douluo Federation expedition team discovered an egg with a gold and silver color pattern during t... [click to read]

The Strongest Upgrade System

Have you ever seen a killing chicken explode with a god-level bloodline? Have you ever seen the killing of toads exploded in martial arts skills? H... [click to read]

Lord's Empire

author: 神天衣

One night, the sky dropped countless crystals, so people can enter a world of different degrees, in which people can build their own cities and sta... [click to read]

Devouring The Heavens

author: 虾米XL

The orphan Xuanyuan was reincarnated and reborn because of the painful loss of a close relative, and came to a different world where Wu is the resp... [click to read]

Battle Through the Heavens

author: 天蚕土豆

This is the world of fighting spirit, there is no fancy magic, and some are just fighting spirit that multiplies to the peak! The new book has just... [click to read]

Supreme Martial Dao

author: 暗夜幽殇

If there is a breath, hope will never die. With the blood of Shenwu, Wang Chen shoulders heavy burdens, embarks on martial arts with family hatred ... [click to read]

Martial Emperor Reborn

Master knows martial arts, no one can stop it. A master of urban martial arts, reborn in a genius young man whose cultivation was abolished and aba... [click to read]

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

author: 月如火.

The pinnacle of immortality, rampant and unscrupulous; Wuling world, defeated heroes! Between the flips of the palm, the wind and clouds change col... [click to read]

Tales of Demons and Gods

As soon as the demon god came out, who would compete with each other. Nie Li, the strongest demon spirit master, was reborn in a young age in a mys... [click to read]

Earth Host

The earth is about to usher in the biggest test of the interstellar age. Whether to be eliminated by cruel competition and fall into the end of the... [click to read]

I Have a Commando System

author: 鬼术妖姬

[[Military Hegemony-Different World War] Entries] Travel through the world of "I am a Special Force" and get the system assistance of special forces.... [click to read]

Supreme Temple of Lu Ming

[Breaking fantasy, hottest text] Lu Ming, a young man, was robbed of his blood, reduced to a waste, and suffered humiliation. Fortunately, Supreme ... [click to read]

Junior Cabinet Member

author: 三戒大师

Standing in front of you are: the guardian of the Great Ming Dynasty, the close comrade-in-arms of the Wanli Emperor, the good son of the first min... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland 4.0 Ultimate Douluo

author: 唐家三少

Ten thousand years later, the ice melted. The Douluo Federation scientific expedition team found an egg with a gold and silver two colors pattern d... [click to read]

Martial God Dominator

author: 暗魔师

Sky Martial Continent A generation of legend Qin Chen, accidentally fell into the Martial Domain because of his friend's betrayal. Three hundred ye... [click to read]

Yuan Zun

author: 天蚕土豆

I have a black and yellow gas, which can swallow the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars. Heavenly Silkworm Potato's latest masterpiece, the hotte... [click to read]

Super Devouring System

After crossing, Ye Xuan occasionally swallowed the system, not only can Devour Myriad Things, but also exchange bloodlines, martial arts, magic wea... [click to read]

Lifetime Domination

author: 月如火

A ray of sword light locks the eight peerless souls, Qiongqi, Candle Dragon, Kunpeng, Snake...Why are these secrets hidden in the young man's body?... [click to read]

Wu Breaks the Nine Desolates

author: 无敌小贝

True Spirit Continent, Tianjiao is in the world, evildoers are fighting, the king can roar and the stars can fall, and the emperor can cover the sk... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland 3 - Dragon King's Legend

author: 唐家三少

With the advancement of Soul Guidance Technology, the humans on Douluo Mainland have conquered the ocean, and discovered two continents. The soul b... [click to read]

Wisdome of Song Dynasty

author: 孑与2

Yun Zheng opened a door, and he never looked back. Life is like this. When he opened the bow, he didn't look back. He wanted to look back. This is ... [click to read]

History's Number One Fellow Apprentices

author: 八月飞鹰

For the first time, Yan Zhaoge traversed into a different world where the martial arts were prosperous. He slammed into the all-encompassing all-ro... [click to read]

Tales of Herding Gods

author: 宅猪

The ancestor of Daxu said: "Dark, don't go out." The old, weak and sick in the old village of Daxu picked up a baby from the side of a river, name... [click to read]

God of Lost Fantasy

author: 净无痕

On the Nine Heavens Continent, there are nine galaxies and billions of stars above the sky dome and all of them are martial stars. Martial arts pra... [click to read]

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