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Crazy Leveling System

Broken meridians cannot cultivate? It's ok! There is a crazy Leveling System, you can do tasks, kill monsters, devour some other people's spiritual... [click to read]

All-Duties Mage


Wake up, World Great Change. Familiar high school teaches magic, telling everyone to become an excellent magician. Outside the city where they live... [click to read]

Against the Gods

author: 火星引力

Holding the Sky Poison Pearl, inheriting the blood of the evil god, repairing the power against the sky, a generation of evil gods, Monarch Overloo... [click to read]

Eternal Love

author: 唐七公子

In that life, a barren mountain in the great wilderness made her first meeting with him. The peach blossoms are burning, the branches and leaves ar... [click to read]

Demon Law

author: 跳舞

A not one good point, who is considered a trash and idiot, sells his soul to the devil, what can he get? Beauty? power? wealth? that power? Subvert... [click to read]

Immortal Realm

author: 辰东

Who in the world can survive? No matter you are a peerless talent, you will be crowned all over the world, and in the end you will be a rouge skele... [click to read]

Hunting Nation

author: 跳舞

"The official who does not want to usurp the throne is not a qualified official... there will come a day, Your daddy's head will be printed on the g... [click to read]


Stepping into the fairy road, the situation is dangerous, narrow escape several times, several times the soul is dead. Traveling along with carnage... [click to read]

Warcraft Juggernaut Crossover to Another World

author: 天蚕土豆

Juggernaut inheritance, defying skills, vertical and horizontal different worlds. "Thief stealth technique?" "That won't work, in front of the wind st... [click to read]

Star Dance of Nine Gods

author: 鹅是老五

He died in the arms of a woman who had been in his own yearn morning and evening for many years. Just wear it, but then he finds himself on the bat... [click to read]

Eternal God Sword

author: 雾外江山

Billions of net worth? Billions of net worth? Power over the world? Unparalleled? Countless minions? I have only one sword, no one can stop it! I h... [click to read]

The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

author: 枫叶缀

Xia Ya, reborn in Dragon Ball World, became a Saiyan, and 12 years ago when Vegeta was destroyed. Let's see him start from scratch and create a str... [click to read]

History's Number One Founder

author: 八月飞鹰

After crossing, there is also a system, but Lin Feng is under great pressure. The main task of the system: Lin Feng opened the school and establish... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland

author: 唐家三少

[New book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would like to tro... [click to read]

Devouring The Heavens

author: 虾米XL

The orphan Xuanyuan lost his loved one and was reincarnated, and came to a different world where Wu is respected. Obtained the inheritance of the a... [click to read]

Nine Yang Sword Saint

The freshman boy Yang Dingtian has the body of Jiuyang out of hundreds of millions, and the fire is extremely strong. On the night of his 19th birt... [click to read]

Gourmet of Another World

author: 李鸿天

There is such a small restaurant in the fantasy world where the warrior raises his hand to split the mountains and rivers, and toss his legs to bre... [click to read]

Lord Xueying

The breath of deep sea warcraft forms a never-ending storm ... The footsteps of the lava giant destroy a city ... The abyss demon wants to invade t... [click to read]

Great Demon King

author: 逆苍天

The cowardly young man who surpassed himself step by step and walked towards evil and to the legend of the devil... [click to read]

Ancient Strengthening Technique

The new book [Dragon Blood Battle Sovereign] has been released, please support it! A man with a series of supplementary exercises of ancient physic... [click to read]

Super God Gene

The surge of heart, the illusion of infinite fantasy, the slamming of the waves in the wind, the undefeated young blood!</ [click to read]

Transcending the Nine Heavens

author: 风凌天下

A smile of wind and thunder, a sea of anger; a hand breaking the sky, a sword dance forever! One man with one sword, Ao Shi Jiu Zhongtian! If you t... [click to read]

Heavenly Beads Change

author: 唐家三少

Humans have natal beads. After awakening, they are either Italian beads or body beads, such as bracelets circling around the left and right wrists.... [click to read]

World Defying Dan God

author: 寂小贼

The young Shen Xiangyan met the goddess and the witch, got their unsuccessful inheritance, gained the anti-celestial divine vein, learned peerless ... [click to read]

Martial Movement Upheaval

author: 天蚕土豆

The way to practice is to steal the Yin Yang, seize the nature, turn nirvana, hold life and death, and reincarnate. Utmost of Wu, will break the do... [click to read]

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