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My Beautiful Teacher

Qin Chao, a college student who just graduated, was smashed out of a vase by coincidence, and was entangled by beauties from all walks of life over... [click to read]

Great Dao Commander

author: 误道者

Since ancient times, the path of cultivating immortals has been controlled by the Xuanmen aristocracy, and it is not something ordinary people can ... [click to read]

Ancestor of Thousands Demons

author: 孤独漂流

[New book is the time when you need support most, whether it is a book or a friend who is passing by, I hope to log in to the book, click on the le... [click to read]

The Plague Immortal

author: 黑山老鬼

One pill for a serious illness makes all illnesses become golden immortals. Cut the Nine Heavens and Ten Hell demon, sitting high for thirty three ... [click to read]

Great Kalpa Master

author: 黑山老鬼

One volume of Dao Yuanzheng solutions, hiding the mystery of the Dao Yuan, one technique to push thousands of methods, 3,000 Great Principles in th... [click to read]

Unrivalled Under Heaven

author: 宅猪

The soul is born, as long as anyone practice martial arts Innate Realm before the age of thirty, the soul is strong enough to communicate with the ... [click to read]

Master of Immortal Dao

author: 雾外江山

The immortal, standing high for nine days, three thousand years is spring, and three thousand years is autumn. Long for thousands of years, only ca... [click to read]

Youngster Sword Emperor

author: 枫吟紫辰

Shushan Sword Faction sole successor Qin Xuan, went down the mountain to experience the master's order, and brought 3 chi cyan-edge to enjoy the ci... [click to read]

Monkey King Biography

author: 今何在

Fallen leaves drifted to the earth, seeds fell asleep under the snow, a flower blossomed and quickly withered, in the shadow of the circulating lig... [click to read]

Crazy Leveling System

Broken meridians cannot cultivate? It's ok! There is a crazy Leveling System, you can do tasks, kill monsters, devour some other people's spiritual... [click to read]

All-Duties Mage


Wake up, World Great Change. Familiar high school teaches magic, telling everyone to become an excellent magician. Outside the city where they live... [click to read]

Against the Gods

author: 火星引力

Holding the Sky Poison Pearl, inheriting the blood of the evil god, repairing the power against the sky, a generation of evil gods, Monarch Overloo... [click to read]

Eternal Love

author: 唐七公子

In that life, a barren mountain in the great wilderness made her first meeting with him. The peach blossoms are burning, the branches and leaves ar... [click to read]

Demon Law

author: 跳舞

A not one good point, who is considered a trash and idiot, sells his soul to the devil, what can he get? Beauty? power? wealth? that power? Subvert... [click to read]

Immortal Realm

author: 辰东

Who in the world can survive? No matter you are a peerless talent, you will be crowned all over the world, and in the end you will be a rouge skele... [click to read]

Hunting Nation

author: 跳舞

"The official who does not want to usurp the throne is not a qualified official... there will come a day, Your daddy's head will be printed on the g... [click to read]


Stepping into the fairy road, the situation is dangerous, narrow escape several times, several times the soul is dead. Traveling along with carnage... [click to read]

Warcraft Juggernaut Crossover to Another World

author: 天蚕土豆

Juggernaut inheritance, defying skills, vertical and horizontal different worlds. "Thief stealth technique?" "That won't work, in front of the wind st... [click to read]

Star Dance of Nine Gods

author: 鹅是老五

He died in the arms of a woman who had been in his own yearn morning and evening for many years. Just wear it, but then he finds himself on the bat... [click to read]

Eternal God Sword

author: 雾外江山

Billions of net worth? Billions of net worth? Power over the world? Unparalleled? Countless minions? I have only one sword, no one can stop it! I h... [click to read]

The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

author: 枫叶缀

Xia Ya, reborn in Dragon Ball World, became a Saiyan, and 12 years ago when Vegeta was destroyed. Let's see him start from scratch and create a str... [click to read]

History's Number One Founder

author: 八月飞鹰

After crossing, there is also a system, but Lin Feng is under great pressure. The main task of the system: Lin Feng opened the school and establish... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland

author: 唐家三少

[New book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would like to tro... [click to read]

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