fine xuanhuan books

Invincible Conqueror

author: 神见

The strong will always be lonely. Only by defeating loneliness one can be invincible! Huang Xiaolong, a disciple of the Shaolin family of the earth... [click to read]

King of Gods

author: 快餐店

He is tenacious and unwilling to be mediocre, but he has mediocre qualities and comes from a humble tribe. In an accident, he merged the eyes of an... [click to read]

Otherworldly Evil Monarch

author: 风凌天下

The world is ruined, the world is cold-eyed, what do you do with me? I smiled indifferently. With my nature, show gratitude or avenge, as I please.... [click to read]

Martial World

Ordinary teenagers with talents are determined to enter the Holy Land of Wufu and pursue the ultimate martial arts. However, in the face of fiercel... [click to read]

Long Live Summons

author: 霞飞双颊

Dragon Land is a pure summoning world, no magic and no fighting spirit. After coming through the male Yueyang, he was surprised to find that he cha... [click to read]

Release that Witch

author: 二目

Cheng Yan originally thought that he had passed through the Middle Ages in Europe and became a glorious prince. But this world seems to be differen... [click to read]

Imperial Concubine of a Golden Age

author: 凤轻

An edict, a marriage gift. Three without gold-no talent, no appearance and no virtue. Waste Lord-disfiguring disability and serious illness. Everyo... [click to read]

Nine Star Tyrant Sects

Is Dan Emperor reborn? Is it a fusion soul? Long Chen, who was stolen away from the spirit root, spirit blood, and spirit bone, with the alchemy of... [click to read]

The Coming of Sword

Worlds, full of wonders. I am Chen Ping'an, with only a sword, I can move mountains, fall into the sea, drop demons, calm demons, sacred gods, pick... [click to read]

Lord of Dao

author: 跃千愁

The story of an earth god-level tomb robber who broke into the realm of cultivation... There is singing in Taohuayuan. Qingshan outside the mountai... [click to read]

Divine Tamer

author: 净无痕

In the Eastern China, there are emperors who preached the emperor, preached by the sages, preached by the princes, and the powerful princes. There ... [click to read]

In Search of the Supernatural

author: 树下野狐

In the legendary era of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, with the death of Shennong, the recognized leader of the world, the males of all ethn... [click to read]

Legend of the Vermilion Bird

author: 猫腻

The growth history of a non-famous young monster fairy This is a story of losing weight during the growth of a little red bird. The following brief... [click to read]

Mercenary World

Did history make heroes, or did heroes make history? It has always been difficult to discern the relationship, but from the beginning of the Red Ca... [click to read]

Purple River

author: 老猪

Two hundred years ago on the battlefield of the Blue River, the last legion of the light empire collapsed in the clamor of the demons, and the last... [click to read]

Level Expert of Online Games

The grand western fantasy epic background. A nasty story mission. Perfect player professional system. Balanced professional skills system. Team tas... [click to read]

Tang Brick

author: 孑与2

Yun Ye always thought that he was a super-love family, even if he put himself on Mars, he would kidnap the Martians and let them send them to the e... [click to read]

Start from Scratch

author: 雷云风暴

[Signed works of the first editorial team of the starting point] If you want to exchange game currency for real currency, you must have a strong ec... [click to read]

Return to the Past and Become a Cat

author: 陈词懒调

In front of the courtyard of the East Family District of Chuhua University, after the uncle answered the phone, he opened the window and shouted at... [click to read]

Dao of Flying Sword

In this world, there are fox immortals, river gods, water monsters, big monsters, as well as practitioners seeking longevity. Practitioners, open y... [click to read]

Legend of Star Summit

"Panlong OL" debuted on the first trailer of the grand allstar2011 on July 27th, the game's official website pl.sdo This is Tomato's first book. The ... [click to read]

Devil Hunting Master

This is the story of a technology house that saves the world. Odyssey Roddy, who is estranged from real life due to indulging in games, is one of t... [click to read]

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