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Tales of the Reincarnated Iron Glory

author: 烟本是道

This is an era in which magic and muskets coexist. It is said that at the end of the magical civilization, people in the mainland used muskets to e... [click to read]

Five Way Heaven

author: 方想

The fusion of all realms, the dissipation of spiritual power, and the collapse of the world of self-cultivation after a million years, the invading... [click to read]

Otherworldly Free and Unfettered Phantom

Wu Saint: "Brother Feng, do you want me to be your footman?" Yi Feng: "What ?! You are a Wu Saint too. Why you want to be my footman?" Wu Saint: "My you... [click to read]

Dominating The World

author: 骷髅精灵

An otaku who loves fighting games wears it, full of hope, and comes to the world ruled by orcs. There is wood in the supremacy of force? Beauty is ... [click to read]

Eternal Heart

author: 快餐店

Chen Yu, a disciple outside, has a divine heart in his body. The heart is the center of life and the fatal point of the human body. For Chen Yu, hi... [click to read]

Eight Desolate Sword God

author: 云泪天雨

The stars evolve the Dao of universe, and the sun and moon reproduce the rules. The strong dominate the world as emperors. Ye Chenfeng bears the my... [click to read]

Spirit Vessel

author: 九当家

Taoist cultivation in this life, Buddhist cultivation in the afterlife! The Tao is here, the Buddha is on the other side, and the people are in the... [click to read]

Alchemist God

author: 失落叶

The palm seals the seven celestial bodies to move the heavens and the earth, and pedals to crush the world to refine the stars. Extreme game Lin Mu... [click to read]

Monarch of Evernight

author: 烟雨江南

Thousand nights rose from hardship and fell in betrayal. Since then, a man, a gun, traveled between Yongye and Dawn, but came out of a legend. If Y... [click to read]

Ever Night

author: 猫腻

Some lovely comic epic rise of grassroots history. A materially demanding cheerful young man. In the hills behind the academy, the voice of his dou... [click to read]

Sage King

author: 梦入神机

The saint used his spine to support the kings of the gods in heaven to suppress the demons and heavens in hell. Recommended by friends here! [click to read]

Dragon Martial Emperor

author: 枫吟紫辰

In a foreign world, the powerful martial arts dominates the world and is the emperor and the venerable. The first killer on the earth, Long Yu, was... [click to read]

Supreme Arrow God

author: EK巧克力

Star continent, no magic, no grudge! The warrior absorbs the power of the stars, strengthens his body, shocks the world, shatters the stars, and de... [click to read]

Cult of the Sacred Runes

Above the ancient God Mountain, the four words "Heavenly Dao Zhaoran" are written! The young boy, dreaming of watching the mountains, comprehending t... [click to read]

The Nine Cauldrons

Since Emperor Yu split the mountain with five axes, unified the world, divided Nine States, and established Jiuding, this land was called Nine Stat... [click to read]

Divine King of All Directions

author: 贪睡的龙

All around the land, the strong is the most respected. The young Lin Tian accidentally acquired the mysterious iron sword, practiced the supreme ma... [click to read]

Chronicles of Primordial Wars

author: 陈词懒调

This pitted primitive tribe! ===================== The completed works "Return to the Past and Become a Cat", "Star Hunter". Although the type is diffe... [click to read]

The Portal of Wonderland

author: 忘语

God of heaven! Foreign blood possession! Horror fright! All demons retreat! A teenager walked out of Dongzhou mainland. A pink skull with life and ... [click to read]

Dragon-Blooded War God

author: 风青阳

According to legend, the ancient dragon sacrifice continent is the world of ancient dragons. Today, the dragons are extinct. Long Chen, who was ori... [click to read]

In Different World with Naruto System

In the Kamikaze Continent, the cultivation system is domination, illusion, and magic. Ren Tianyou was originally a Naruto fan, accidentally travers... [click to read]

Sword Spirit

author: 坏宝

The Tianjian Continent is full of ancestors, and the strong are like forests. In order to avoid her sister being married by evil Shaoqiang, Lu Xuan... [click to read]

Eternal Martial Sovereign

author: 妖月夜

A disappointed young man has even got the magic tactics. From then on, he saw how shameful he was by virtue of the magical martial spirit, which br... [click to read]

Battle Emperor

author: 傲天无痕

This book is full of blood, YY, humor, playing pigs and eating tigers, and cool texts! The freak Xie Aoyu was unable to practice fighting spirit, a... [click to read]

108 Maidens of Destiny

"Below is Lin Chong, the leopard head of Tianxiong Star. From today on, I will be your woman!" When a heroic beautiful girl stood in front of Su Xing... [click to read]


author: 观棋

Peerless murderer, old-fashioned strategist, in order to seek longevity, plot the world. At the age of twenty-five, when he came to this world of p... [click to read]

Martial God Conqueror

author: 禹枫

Among the Kyushu, there are many nations, rumored to be in the depths of the Eight Wastelands, the strong are like clouds, and they have the abilit... [click to read]

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