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Strongest Gene

Have you ever heard of gene making? When Chen Feng woven out the rarest variant gene from hundreds of millions of genes, he knew that his time came... [click to read]

Super Floating City

author: 诸生浮屠

Stephen Zhou, who sealed his real name, embarked on the path of seeking the ultimate meaning of alchemy. In order to break through the limits of mo... [click to read]

Swallowing the Heavens

author: 风青阳

The ancient areas of Yanhuang are vast and boundless. Many immortals are born in the endless years, tearing the world and detaching the three realm... [click to read]

Strongest Possessor of One Piece

author: 无敌青衣

Crossed into the Pirate World, he became Roger's younger brother. I can't imagine Roger(Luo Jie) in his fifties, there will be a younger brother, b... [click to read]

Magic Industrial Empire

As a prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi has traveled to a world dominated by magic. In a world where the industrial base... [click to read]

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

author: 孤单地飞

Linghan, a peerless strongman and the Emperor Dan of a generation, died in pursuit of the path to becoming a god. Ten thousand years later, he was ... [click to read]

Unrivalled Medicine God

author: 风一色

[NEXTIDEA and 2015 Star Creation Award Essay Awards (Fantasy)] A generation of Emperor Dan was framed by an adulterer. Since then, there has been n... [click to read]

God Devouring Crazy Demon

author: 驷公子

Red-sleeved women's shirtless man, swims with swords and rides on horses. Book business spirit, but I do not know the long-term love of children, h... [click to read]

Apocalypse Cockroach

author: 伟岸蟑螂

When the world is full of zombies, how do people survive? Want to live, rely on yourself! Incarnation is Xiaoqiang, the cockroach strives to surviv... [click to read]

Ultimate of All Ages

author: 太一生水

One of the ten titled Emperor Wudi, the Peerless Ancient Feiyang fell in the Tiandang Mountains, reincarnated 15 years later, and became the son of... [click to read]

Dragon Skeleton

In this splendid fantasy world, there are dwarves skilled in casting, trolls who dominate the forest, humans who build the empire, and overlook the... [click to read]

Pivot of the Sky

If God created the world, who created God? Amon stood in front of the ancient remains of the idol and listened to an old man telling the long-term ... [click to read]

Mad God

author: 唐家三少

[Primary 3 new book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would l... [click to read]

Zither Emperor

author: 唐家三少

[Primary 3 new book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would l... [click to read]

Wine God

author: 唐家三少

Full text introduction: The international peak bartending master, wine tasting master, Li Thaw, known as the Dionysus, drunk and died in order to t... [click to read]

The Outcast

author: 猫腻

There are two things in the world that can deeply shake people's hearts, one is the lofty moral code in our hearts, and the other is the splendid s... [click to read]

Rebuking Winds and Clouds

author: 高楼大厦

The game helmet is coming to another world. The aboriginal warrior trainees of the True Policy Dynasty were energetic and were accidentally smashed... [click to read]

Supreme Monster Controller

author: 蛊真人

In this magical world, people are burdened with fairy sacs, controlling demon beasts, driving demon soldiers, cultivating demon plants, and proud o... [click to read]

Age of the Tyrant Sovereign

author: 踏雪真人

There are only two kinds of my enemies, one is kneeling and the other is lying. There are only two kinds of my girl friends, one who I have slept w... [click to read]

Supreme of the Milky Way

author: 雨暮浮屠

"This is the era of technology, and it belongs to me!" If the feet reach the place, the star dome will tremble! The space where the arms are stretche... [click to read]

Supreme Martial Dao

author: 暗夜幽殇

With one single breath, hope does not die. Wang Chen, who has the blood of the gods and martial arts, shoulders a heavy burden and his family hatre... [click to read]

Martial Inverse

Shenmian for three years, I do not know the years flowing. Waste material? No, it's a genius! Emperor's Vein Godsend, referring to the gods scoldin... [click to read]

Throne of the Apocalypse

author: 庄毕凡

The world that gave birth to the peak magical civilization is about to go to destruction. The last survivor returned ten million years ago. At this... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland 3.5 - Biography of Tang Sect Heroe

author: 唐家三少

This is the world of our Tangmen, and the Tangmen heroes you are familiar with will appear on the big stage of this battle of gods. I still remembe... [click to read]

Sword Moves the Nine Heavens

author: 孤单地飞

Xuangan Continent, lined with ancestors, countless strong. Juvenile Zhou Heng came out of the original stone town with a mysterious black broken sw... [click to read]

Great World of Magic Cube

author: 吾为妖孽

Inexplicable rebirth, through the magical cube brought by the rebirth through various worlds (anime, novels, movies, games, etc.), collecting every... [click to read]

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