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Beast Piercing The Heavens

author: 妖夜

A desolate family master, a group of women with different flavors, an unyielding history of fighting. A young man with a magical war beast, unyield... [click to read]

World Controlling God

author: 我本纯洁

Ling Xiao travels to a different world, and the God Controls the World logo eliminates all the thorns and achieves the road to the top. The supreme... [click to read]

Charm of Soul Pets

author: 鱼的天空

Chu Mu's first master pet: Evil Soul Pet, grows by devouring the master's soul power. Once the master's soul power cannot be supported, it will eat... [click to read]

King of Myriad Domain

author: 逆苍天

In the ancient times, there were Qingtian giant spirits, like stars, soaring across the universe. There are great respects of various races with di... [click to read]

Devil's Son-in-Law

author: 点精灵

This is a pit father's journey. Otaku Chen Rui was reborn on a human who fell into the demon world, and the legendary evil and cruel demons are eve... [click to read]

Perfect World

author: 辰东

A grain of dust can fill the sea, a piece of grass chopped up the sun, moon and stars, and turned upside down in a snap. Groups of heroes rise toge... [click to read]

Monkey King Battle in the Other World

author: 反王

In the Journey to the West, do you think Sun Wukong's strength is very different? This is because the westbound experience is just a scam. The real... [click to read]

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

author: 缘分0

An unintentional encounter made Su Shen blind. However, even in the most tragic situation in the world, Su Shen was reluctant to give up the strugg... [click to read]

Imperial God Emperor

author: 乱世狂刀

A turbulent mad knife, a bloody new work [click to read]

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

author: 唐家三少

[Primary 3 new book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would l... [click to read]

Grocery Store of the Upside Down World

author: 化玄

The hawker took the grocery store, reversed the universe, played around with the space, and peddled everything. I am not only a businessman, but al... [click to read]

World Destroying Demonic Emperor

Lanling, a junior boy, was hit by a meteor and passed through a different world. He was rescued by a female warrior of the Sox family. As if it wer... [click to read]

Dominating Sword Immortal

author: 剑游太虚

The true spirit continent has millions of ancestors and the strong are like forests. A child of a large family has changed from mediocrity to geniu... [click to read]

Martial God Space

author: 傅啸尘

Ye Xiwen is just an ordinary college student on earth, but accidentally traversed into a world called Zhenwu Realm! In this world, powerful warrior... [click to read]

Realms In The Firmament

author: 风凌天下

Laugh all heroes in the world, I am the monarch! Thousands of waters and mountains are regarded as my esteem; the Eight Wastelands and Six Harmonie... [click to read]

Upgrade Specialist in Another World

author: 茫茫云海

The traverser is dead, please burn paper if you have something. What kind of turmoil will the heaven-soul continent dominated by soul repair, some ... [click to read]

Limitless Sword God

author: 火神

Xinghai roaming, time and space shuttle, mechanical technology, the goal is the unknown sea of stars! [click to read]

Naruto's Strongest Shock Escape

author: 夜南听风

The shocking fruit of One Piece World has turned into Shock Escape Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Limit) that can shatter everything in the world of Narut... [click to read]

Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

author: 牛五花

With the upgrade system and hundreds of novels to cross the world, he becomes the young master of Luo family raising horses. Dantian(two inches bel... [click to read]

The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

author: 枫叶缀

Xia Ya, reborn in Dragon Ball World, became a Saiyan, and 12 years ago when Vegeta was destroyed. Let's see him start from scratch and create a str... [click to read]

History's Number One Founder

author: 八月飞鹰

After crossing, there is also a system, but Lin Feng is under great pressure. The main task of the system: Lin Feng opened the school and establish... [click to read]

Douluo Mainland

author: 唐家三少

[New book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would like to tro... [click to read]

Devouring The Heavens

author: 虾米XL

The orphan Xuanyuan lost his loved one and was reincarnated, and came to a different world where Wu is respected. Obtained the inheritance of the a... [click to read]

Nine Yang Sword Saint

The freshman boy Yang Dingtian has the body of Jiuyang out of hundreds of millions, and the fire is extremely strong. On the night of his 19th birt... [click to read]

Gourmet of Another World

author: 李鸿天

There is such a small restaurant in the fantasy world where the warrior raises his hand to split the mountains and rivers, and toss his legs to bre... [click to read]

Lord Xueying

The breath of deep sea warcraft forms a never-ending storm ... The footsteps of the lava giant destroy a city ... The abyss demon wants to invade t... [click to read]

Great Demon King

author: 逆苍天

The cowardly young man who surpassed himself step by step and walked towards evil and to the legend of the devil... [click to read]

Ancient Strengthening Technique

The new book [Dragon Blood Battle Sovereign] has been released, please support it! A man with a series of supplementary exercises of ancient physic... [click to read]

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