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Age of Adepts

author: 真的老狼

The young kid who broke into the wizarding continent with the bio-assist chip, relies on the advantages of knowledge to thrive in this strange worl... [click to read]

Mechanical God Emperor

author: 资产暴增

Inside the Major Material Plane where warlocks dominate everything. The powerful warlocks possess the terrifying power of overturning the sea and r... [click to read]

Miracle Throne

author: 半醉游子

Chu Tian, the youngest sage in the mainland, came to the wild age of 30,000 years ago due to an accident. This is an era of abundance, with immorta... [click to read]

Dominance of Three Kingdoms

author: 犁天

Jiang Chen, the son of the Emperor of Heaven, was reincarnated on a princely boy who was bullied by others. He then strikes back and destroys all k... [click to read]

Way of Choices

author: 猫腻

In the first year of Taishi, a god stone flew from space and was scattered in the world. Among them, the god stone that fell on the eastern land co... [click to read]

Refining Frenzy

author: 单纯宅男

; An inconspicuous metal card is actually a game card from the future earth. Ten times, one hundred times, one thousand times time acceleration, en... [click to read]

Rebirth of the Strongest Yao Beast

author: 孙大猴

[System-Flow Feel Good Book] There was a black pythons in ancient times, turned into flying snake a hundred years later, then turned into dragons a... [click to read]

Invincible Heavenly Monster System

author: 沧河贝壳

Hong Yu was demoted to southern Xinjiang because of the traitor, suffered ridicule and ridicule, and changed his life by virtue of the invincible h... [click to read]

Master of Starry Skies

author: 八月飞鹰

In the 800 years of the new Yanhuang calendar, the world has long bid farewell to the era of ancient cultivation and entered the modern era. Exchan... [click to read]

Salted Fish of Marvel World

author: 蚂蚁下山

"One Piece Highest Bounty" continued Chino has a "Thunder Fruit" that is more thundering than Thor; a super-healing "Undead Bird Fruit"; an "Shake-shake F... [click to read]

Unparalleled Exchange

author: 开心小帅

Li Yalin won the prize! He has become the heir of a great god, has the ability to exchange skills, lineages, occupations, props in the game, and th... [click to read]

Superhero Comic - Overlord's Path

author: 驿路羁旅

In the dark mist of the chaotic Gotham, he is the scarlet devil bringing blood, he sins! In the society of mutants who are at a loss, he is the eme... [click to read]

Artifact Planting Space

Ye Tian traveled to the continent of a different world and worked hard to awaken the realm of black soil space, but it was unexpectedly laughed as ... [click to read]

Marquis of Grand Xia

author: 一夕烟雨

The night is in trouble. The nether world is awaken. A young man enters the imperial court alone, civil and military officials devicing policies fo... [click to read]

Strongest Gene

Have you ever heard of gene making? When Chen Feng woven out the rarest variant gene from hundreds of millions of genes, he knew that his time came... [click to read]

Super Floating City

author: 诸生浮屠

Stephen Zhou, who sealed his real name, embarked on the path of seeking the ultimate meaning of alchemy. In order to break through the limits of mo... [click to read]

Swallowing the Heavens

author: 风青阳

The ancient areas of Yanhuang are vast and boundless. Many immortals are born in the endless years, tearing the world and detaching the three realm... [click to read]

Strongest Possessor of One Piece

author: 无敌青衣

Crossed into the Pirate World, he became Roger's younger brother. I can't imagine Roger(Luo Jie) in his fifties, there will be a younger brother, b... [click to read]

Magic Industrial Empire

As a prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi has traveled to a world dominated by magic. In a world where the industrial base... [click to read]

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

author: 孤单地飞

Linghan, a peerless strongman and the Emperor Dan of a generation, died in pursuit of the path to becoming a god. Ten thousand years later, he was ... [click to read]

Unrivalled Medicine God

author: 风一色

[NEXTIDEA and 2015 Star Creation Award Essay Awards (Fantasy)] A generation of Emperor Dan was framed by an adulterer. Since then, there has been n... [click to read]

God Devouring Crazy Demon

author: 驷公子

Red-sleeved women's shirtless man, swims with swords and rides on horses. Book business spirit, but I do not know the long-term love of children, h... [click to read]

Apocalypse Cockroach

author: 伟岸蟑螂

When the world is full of zombies, how do people survive? Want to live, rely on yourself! Incarnation is Xiaoqiang, the cockroach strives to surviv... [click to read]

Ultimate of All Ages

author: 太一生水

One of the ten titled Emperor Wudi, the Peerless Ancient Feiyang fell in the Tiandang Mountains, reincarnated 15 years later, and became the son of... [click to read]

Dragon Skeleton

In this splendid fantasy world, there are dwarves skilled in casting, trolls who dominate the forest, humans who build the empire, and overlook the... [click to read]

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