fine xuanhuan books

The Portal of Wonderland

author: 忘语

God of heaven! Foreign blood possession! Horror fright! All demons retreat! A teenager walked out of Dongzhou mainland. A pink skull with life and ... [click to read]

Dragon-Blooded War God

author: 风青阳

According to legend, the ancient dragon sacrifice continent is the world of ancient dragons. Today, the dragons are extinct. Long Chen, who was ori... [click to read]

In Different World with Naruto System

In the Kamikaze Continent, the cultivation system is domination, illusion, and magic. Ren Tianyou was originally a Naruto fan, accidentally travers... [click to read]

Sword Spirit

author: 坏宝

The Tianjian Continent is full of ancestors, and the strong are like forests. In order to avoid her sister being married by evil Shaoqiang, Lu Xuan... [click to read]

Eternal Martial Sovereign

author: 妖月夜

A disappointed young man has even got the magic tactics. From then on, he saw how shameful he was by virtue of the magical martial spirit, which br... [click to read]

Battle Emperor

author: 傲天无痕

This book is full of blood, YY, humor, playing pigs and eating tigers, and cool texts! The freak Xie Aoyu was unable to practice fighting spirit, a... [click to read]

108 Maidens of Destiny

"Below is Lin Chong, the leopard head of Tianxiong Star. From today on, I will be your woman!" When a heroic beautiful girl stood in front of Su Xing... [click to read]


author: 观棋

Peerless murderer, old-fashioned strategist, in order to seek longevity, plot the world. At the age of twenty-five, when he came to this world of p... [click to read]

Martial God Conqueror

author: 禹枫

Among the Kyushu, there are many nations, rumored to be in the depths of the Eight Wastelands, the strong are like clouds, and they have the abilit... [click to read]

Beast Piercing The Heavens

author: 妖夜

A desolate family master, a group of women with different flavors, an unyielding history of fighting. A young man with a magical war beast, unyield... [click to read]

World Controlling God

author: 我本纯洁

Ling Xiao travels to a different world, and the God Controls the World logo eliminates all the thorns and achieves the road to the top. The supreme... [click to read]

Charm of Soul Pets

author: 鱼的天空

Chu Mu's first master pet: Evil Soul Pet, grows by devouring the master's soul power. Once the master's soul power cannot be supported, it will eat... [click to read]

King of Myriad Domain

author: 逆苍天

In the ancient times, there were Qingtian giant spirits, like stars, soaring across the universe. There are great respects of various races with di... [click to read]

Devil's Son-in-Law

author: 点精灵

This is a pit father's journey. Otaku Chen Rui was reborn on a human who fell into the demon world, and the legendary evil and cruel demons are eve... [click to read]

Perfect World

author: 辰东

A grain of dust can fill the sea, a piece of grass chopped up the sun, moon and stars, and turned upside down in a snap. Groups of heroes rise toge... [click to read]

Monkey King Battle in the Other World

author: 反王

In the Journey to the West, do you think Sun Wukong's strength is very different? This is because the westbound experience is just a scam. The real... [click to read]

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

author: 缘分0

An unintentional encounter made Su Shen blind. However, even in the most tragic situation in the world, Su Shen was reluctant to give up the strugg... [click to read]

Imperial God Emperor

author: 乱世狂刀

A turbulent mad knife, a bloody new work [click to read]

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

author: 唐家三少

[Primary 3 new book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would l... [click to read]

Grocery Store of the Upside Down World

author: 化玄

The hawker took the grocery store, reversed the universe, played around with the space, and peddled everything. I am not only a businessman, but al... [click to read]

World Destroying Demonic Emperor

Lanling, a junior boy, was hit by a meteor and passed through a different world. He was rescued by a female warrior of the Sox family. As if it wer... [click to read]

Dominating Sword Immortal

author: 剑游太虚

The true spirit continent has millions of ancestors and the strong are like forests. A child of a large family has changed from mediocrity to geniu... [click to read]

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