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Eight Desolate Sword God

author: 云泪天雨

The stars evolve the Dao of universe, and the sun and moon reproduce the rules. The strong dominate the world as emperors. Ye Chenfeng bears the my... [click to read]

Spirit Vessel

author: 九当家

Taoist cultivation in this life, Buddhist cultivation in the afterlife! The Tao is here, the Buddha is on the other side, and the people are in the... [click to read]

Alchemist God

author: 失落叶

The palm seals the seven celestial bodies to move the heavens and the earth, and pedals to crush the world to refine the stars. Extreme game Lin Mu... [click to read]

Monarch of Evernight

author: 烟雨江南

Thousand nights rose from hardship and fell in betrayal. Since then, a man, a gun, traveled between Yongye and Dawn, but came out of a legend. If Y... [click to read]

Ever Night

author: 猫腻

Some lovely comic epic rise of grassroots history. A materially demanding cheerful young man. In the hills behind the academy, the voice of his dou... [click to read]

Sage King

author: 梦入神机

The saint used his spine to support the kings of the gods in heaven to suppress the demons and heavens in hell. Recommended by friends here! [click to read]

Dragon Martial Emperor

author: 枫吟紫辰

In a foreign world, the powerful martial arts dominates the world and is the emperor and the venerable. The first killer on the earth, Long Yu, was... [click to read]

Supreme Arrow God

author: EK巧克力

Star continent, no magic, no grudge! The warrior absorbs the power of the stars, strengthens his body, shocks the world, shatters the stars, and de... [click to read]

Cult of the Sacred Runes

Above the ancient God Mountain, the four words "Heavenly Dao Zhaoran" are written! The young boy, dreaming of watching the mountains, comprehending t... [click to read]

The Nine Cauldrons

Since Emperor Yu split the mountain with five axes, unified the world, divided Nine States, and established Jiuding, this land was called Nine Stat... [click to read]

Two Dimensional Fantasy System

author: 银闪之风

Traveled to the world of the second dimension, and opened a fantasy system customized for the creation of a versatile daily man. As long as there a... [click to read]

Divine King of All Directions

author: 贪睡的龙

All around the land, the strong is the most respected. The young Lin Tian accidentally acquired the mysterious iron sword, practiced the supreme ma... [click to read]

Path to Heaven

author: 无罪

A low-level small casual cultivator in the Lingyue City, Wei Suo, was deceived during the transaction and got a broken low-level magic weapon. But ... [click to read]

Chronicles of Primordial Wars

author: 陈词懒调

This pitted primitive tribe! ===================== The completed works "Return to the Past and Become a Cat", "Star Hunter". Although the type is diffe... [click to read]

The Portal of Wonderland

author: 忘语

God of heaven! Foreign blood possession! Horror fright! All demons retreat! A teenager walked out of Dongzhou mainland. A pink skull with life and ... [click to read]

Dragon-Blooded War God

author: 风青阳

According to legend, the ancient dragon sacrifice continent is the world of ancient dragons. Today, the dragons are extinct. Long Chen, who was ori... [click to read]

In Different World with Naruto System

In the Kamikaze Continent, the cultivation system is domination, illusion, and magic. Ren Tianyou was originally a Naruto fan, accidentally travers... [click to read]

Sword Spirit

author: 坏宝

The Tianjian Continent is full of ancestors, and the strong are like forests. In order to avoid her sister being married by evil Shaoqiang, Lu Xuan... [click to read]

Eternal Martial Sovereign

author: 妖月夜

A disappointed young man has even got the magic tactics. From then on, he saw how shameful he was by virtue of the magical martial spirit, which br... [click to read]

Battle Emperor

author: 傲天无痕

This book is full of blood, YY, humor, playing pigs and eating tigers, and cool texts! The freak Xie Aoyu was unable to practice fighting spirit, a... [click to read]

108 Maidens of Destiny

"Below is Lin Chong, the leopard head of Tianxiong Star. From today on, I will be your woman!" When a heroic beautiful girl stood in front of Su Xing... [click to read]


author: 观棋

Peerless murderer, old-fashioned strategist, in order to seek longevity, plot the world. At the age of twenty-five, when he came to this world of p... [click to read]

Martial God Conqueror

author: 禹枫

Among the Kyushu, there are many nations, rumored to be in the depths of the Eight Wastelands, the strong are like clouds, and they have the abilit... [click to read]

Beast Piercing The Heavens

author: 妖夜

A desolate family master, a group of women with different flavors, an unyielding history of fighting. A young man with a magical war beast, unyield... [click to read]

World Controlling God

author: 我本纯洁

Ling Xiao travels to a different world, and the God Controls the World logo eliminates all the thorns and achieves the road to the top. The supreme... [click to read]

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