fine xuanhuan books

Martial God Space

author: 傅啸尘

Ye Xiwen is just an ordinary college student on earth, but accidentally traversed into a world called Zhenwu Realm! In this world, powerful warrior... [click to read]

Realms In The Firmament

author: 风凌天下

Laugh all heroes in the world, I am the monarch! Thousands of waters and mountains are regarded as my esteem; the Eight Wastelands and Six Harmonie... [click to read]

Upgrade Specialist in Another World

author: 茫茫云海

The traverser is dead, please burn paper if you have something. What kind of turmoil will the heaven-soul continent dominated by soul repair, some ... [click to read]

Limitless Sword God

author: 火神

Xinghai roaming, time and space shuttle, mechanical technology, the goal is the unknown sea of stars! [click to read]

Naruto's Strongest Shock Escape

author: 夜南听风

The shocking fruit of One Piece World has turned into Shock Escape Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Limit) that can shatter everything in the world of Narut... [click to read]

Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

author: 牛五花

With the upgrade system and hundreds of novels to cross the world, he becomes the young master of Luo family raising horses. Dantian(two inches bel... [click to read]

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