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No. Ninth Under Heaven

author: 鹅是老五

Endless in the Universe There are eight principles of Hongmeng, each of which is integrated by an Unsurpassed Powerhouse. No one knows that there i... [click to read]

Lan Ke Fate of Go

author: 真费事

The chess game by Lan Ke was deciduous, and the old trees played against each other, which caused Tian Yuan to be a son. Looking back at the vast m... [click to read]

Great Sage Through Darkness

author: 封七月

Mysterious circle, demons and strangers appear frequently, the court is rotten, Martial World Aristocratic Family, the heroes come together. This i... [click to read]

My Senior Fellow Is Very Steady

author: 言归正传

Reborn in the ancient era before the God Sealing Great Battle, Li Changshou became a small gas refiner. There's nothing about it. He is not a doome... [click to read]

Path of a Sword Disciple

author: 惰堕

Who says that one can't make progress without a pill? Who said that if you can't refine tools, there will be no magic weapons? Who said that frustr... [click to read]

Rules of Doaist

author: 八宝饭

Thirty-Six Heavens Promise, 3000 Worlds Hongmeng! Daming, here I am! Daomen, here I am! Fu Zhao, here I am! Step by step to the peak of power in th... [click to read]

Ultimate Anti-Pretentiousness System

author: 太上布衣

[2o16 hot free new book] "Young man, when I started show off, you were just a drop of liquid!" "Fairy, take a trip down there, I promise to take you s... [click to read]

Eternal Sage King

author: 雪满弓刀

A genius is called a genius. The dragon and phoenix among the geniuses can seal evildoers. The human youth with incomplete spiritual roots has to t... [click to read]

Evil Wind Song

author: 血红

Who can determine good and evil? Good and evil, let you comment. Mountain is mountain, water is water, mountain is not mountain, water is not water... [click to read]

Renegade Immortal

author: 耳根

To obey is the ordinary, and to oppose is the immortal. It is only a moment of thought ... [click to read]

Desolate Era

After Ji Ning died, he went to Kingdom of the Underworld. After his life was judged by the underworld judge, he was reincarnated to the Clan of Ji.... [click to read]

A Will Eternal

author: 耳根

One thought turned into the sea, and one thought turned into mulberry. One thought cuts thousands of demons, and one thought kills thousands of imm... [click to read]

I Shall Seal the Heavens

author: 耳根

If I want to be there, heaven is indispensable. If I want nothing, no heaven! This is a story that starts between the eighth and ninth mountains, a... [click to read]

Into Cultivation

Ordinary version: When a scientific researcher traverses into the world of exploring the world through scientific methods... Wang Qi: Our slogan is... [click to read]

Bonds of This World

author: 烟雨江南

[Good news, "Dust Margin" will be free for a limited period of 3 days starting from 2013.03.22] On that day, I shake all the barrels, not for excess,... [click to read]

Buddha is the Way

author: 梦入神机

Recommend "The Great Sui God Demon Record", "Evil Bodhisattva", "The Way to Kill God". The author of the book is 8388o. My author is my friend. The proto... [click to read]

Young Immortal Doctor

author: 逐没

The prince sentenced you to three deaths, and I can guarantee you five more! The young Qin Lang occasionally inherited the poison sect, killing peo... [click to read]

Legend of the Cultivation God

author: 小段探花

The mysterious ring descends from the sky, seems to have passed through the unknown time and space, and is buried deeply underground. Country boy Z... [click to read]

Buer's Grand Dao

author: 文刀手予

From a certain perspective, this is a story about the protagonist Wei Buer and a bunch of supporting roles with all kinds of golden finger cheating... [click to read]

Above the Skies

author: 观棋

Wang Xiong awakened the memories of the past life, regained the authority of the human world, carried thousands of horses and horses, made a big ki... [click to read]

One Sword to Immortality

Thousands of hammers and fierce fire thunder, ten years for the cold light of a sword. Hidden teeth and concealed claws to endure everything, just ... [click to read]

Cultivation-Stand above the Heaven

author: 飞舞激扬

A peerless genius for self-abandoning self-cultivation, the chance coincidence to possess a wealthy man, and see how he covered the rain in the rea... [click to read]

Stellar Transformation: The Sequel

[Entry of Essays on Star Essays Continues] The different postmortems, the original stars change, the different journeys of the two brothers of the ... [click to read]

Immortal Road of the Dharma Idol

author: 泛东流

Zhang Fan, an ordinary cultivator of immortals. What advantages does Second World give him? ****** Rugged fairy road, a long life. How many days ar... [click to read]

Stealing The Heavens

author: 血红

The hook stealers, the thieves, the thieves, or the sacred Buddha. The way of heaven and earth is boundless; the heart of red dust is endless. And ... [click to read]

Everlasting Immortal Firmament

author: 观棋

Heaven and earth are chessboards, all beings are chess pieces! If you don't want to be a chess piece, then be a chess player! If you lose, you will... [click to read]

Archive of Fate's End

Cultivation is to let go the fake and keep the truth, and illuminate one's own nature. Those who can reach this point are called "Taoist(Real People... [click to read]

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