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Young Immortal Doctor

author: 逐没

The prince sentenced you to three deaths, and I can guarantee you five more! The young Qin Lang occasionally inherited the poison sect, killing peo... [click to read]

Legend of the Cultivation God

author: 小段探花

The mysterious ring descends from the sky, seems to have passed through the unknown time and space, and is buried deeply underground. Country boy Z... [click to read]

My Fox Immortal Wife

Ordinary high school student Liu Yi, because of a naughty and cunning pretty fox fairy sealed by the fairy in his right hand, has since embarked on... [click to read]

Beseech The Devil

author: 耳根

Since everyone in the world calls me a demon, then simply, Su Ming, from then on, is a demon! [click to read]

World of Cultivation

author: 方想

The magnificent and magnificent world of comprehension, Zuo Mo, and the unremarkable outer gate without sword sword gate, relied on riding a paper ... [click to read]

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

After devouring the elixir, through the Great Qin Kingdom of the Tianwu Continent, he became the young master of the waste wood in the Mohe City Xi... [click to read]

Desolate Era

After Ji Ning died, he went to Kingdom of the Underworld. After his life was judged by the underworld judge, he was reincarnated to the Clan of Ji.... [click to read]

A Will Eternal

author: 耳根

One thought turned into the sea, and one thought turned into mulberry. One thought cuts thousands of demons, and one thought kills thousands of imm... [click to read]

I Shall Seal the Heavens

author: 耳根

If I want to be there, heaven is indispensable. If I want nothing, no heaven! This is a story that starts between the eighth and ninth mountains, a... [click to read]

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