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Into Cultivation

Ordinary version: When a scientific researcher traverses into the world of exploring the world through scientific methods... Wang Qi: Our slogan is... [click to read]

Bonds of This World

author: 烟雨江南

[Good news, "Dust Margin" will be free for a limited period of 3 days starting from 2013.03.22] On that day, I shake all the barrels, not for excess,... [click to read]

Buddha is the Way

author: 梦入神机

Recommend "The Great Sui God Demon Record", "Evil Bodhisattva", "The Way to Kill God". The author of the book is 8388o. My author is my friend. The proto... [click to read]

Young Immortal Doctor

author: 逐没

The prince sentenced you to three deaths, and I can guarantee you five more! The young Qin Lang occasionally inherited the poison sect, killing peo... [click to read]

Legend of the Cultivation God

author: 小段探花

The mysterious ring descends from the sky, seems to have passed through the unknown time and space, and is buried deeply underground. Country boy Z... [click to read]

Buer's Grand Dao

author: 文刀手予

From a certain perspective, this is a story about the protagonist Wei Buer and a bunch of supporting roles with all kinds of golden finger cheating... [click to read]

Above the Skies

author: 观棋

Wang Xiong awakened the memories of the past life, regained the authority of the human world, carried thousands of horses and horses, made a big ki... [click to read]

One Sword to Immortality

Thousands of hammers and fierce fire thunder, ten years for the cold light of a sword. Hidden teeth and concealed claws to endure everything, just ... [click to read]

Cultivation-Stand above the Heaven

author: 飞舞激扬

A peerless genius for self-abandoning self-cultivation, the chance coincidence to possess a wealthy man, and see how he covered the rain in the rea... [click to read]

Stellar Transformation: The Sequel

[Entry of Essays on Star Essays Continues] The different postmortems, the original stars change, the different journeys of the two brothers of the ... [click to read]

Immortal Road of the Dharma Idol

author: 泛东流

Zhang Fan, an ordinary cultivator of immortals. What advantages does Second World give him? ****** Rugged fairy road, a long life. How many days ar... [click to read]

Stealing The Heavens

author: 血红

The hook stealers, the thieves, the thieves, or the sacred Buddha. The way of heaven and earth is boundless; the heart of red dust is endless. And ... [click to read]

Everlasting Immortal Firmament

author: 观棋

Heaven and earth are chessboards, all beings are chess pieces! If you don't want to be a chess piece, then be a chess player! If you lose, you will... [click to read]

Archive of Fate's End

Cultivation is to let go the fake and keep the truth, and illuminate one's own nature. Those who can reach this point are called "Taoist(Real People... [click to read]

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountai

author: 国王陛下

The Spirit Sword School was established in the Kyushu calendar 4233. For thousands of years, it has been committed to providing the industry with f... [click to read]

Mad Cultivator

author: 王小蛮

Street gangsters travel across different realms, possessing the family and falling behind the young master. With a broken spell in his mind, he was... [click to read]

Evil Ascension

Nine days ago, the sun did not rise after setting. On the tenth day, Su Jingming moved around. If you think "Sheng Xie" is not bad, don't forget to r... [click to read]

Transcending the Great Desolation

author: 我自非凡

"Pray that Daxian will accept the kid as a disciple, and the kid would like to serve Daxian for life!" "Oh? Who are you?"</ [click to read]

Death Sutra

author: 冰临神下

For those who are not good at the manifestation, people get it; for those who are not good at the claustrophobia, ghosts get it. People and ghosts ... [click to read]

Immortal and Martial Venerable Emperor

author: 六界三道

Nine thousand years ago, Xianwu Emperor Zun led a million gods to break into the ancient ancient wasteland, but no one returned, only a ray of real... [click to read]

Instant Kill

author: 萧潜

The moment the soul awakens, a new world is revealed. This is a strange world, a world of spells. Countless mysteries, countless beasts, and even a... [click to read]

Shrouding the Heavens

author: 辰东

In the depths of the coexisting cold and dark universe, nine huge dragon corpses pulled a bronze ancient coffin and lived forever. This is an extre... [click to read]

Strongest Villain System

author: 封七月

The big villain system added itself, being the biggest villain in the martial arts world, being a person who speaks about credit, saying that if yo... [click to read]

My Fox Immortal Wife

Ordinary high school student Liu Yi, because of a naughty and cunning pretty fox fairy sealed by the fairy in his right hand, has since embarked on... [click to read]

Beseech The Devil

author: 耳根

Since everyone in the world calls me a demon, then simply, Su Ming, from then on, is a demon! [click to read]

World of Cultivation

author: 方想

The magnificent and magnificent world of comprehension, Zuo Mo, and the unremarkable outer gate without sword sword gate, relied on riding a paper ... [click to read]

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

After devouring the elixir, through the Great Qin Kingdom of the Tianwu Continent, he became the young master of the waste wood in the Mohe City Xi... [click to read]

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality No.

author: 忘语

The Forgotten Language New Book, The Mortal Cultivation of the Immortal World, The Forgotten Language New Book, The Mortal Cultivation of the Immor... [click to read]

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