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Super Soldier King

author: 步千帆

He is the king of the mercenary world, and he is the king of soldiers who make heads of state headaches! For a friend, he is willing to stab at bot... [click to read]

Eternal Sage King

author: 雪满弓刀

A youth of human clan with a broken spiritual root was taught a supreme demon scripture from a mystical woman and set foot on the path of cultivati... [click to read]

Dropped In the Marvel World As a Superhero

author: 离群戏

In this era of traversers flying through the sky, Lin Rui not unexpectedly traversed after an accidental electric shock, but not the least into the... [click to read]

My Mother Is a Sword Fairy

Chen Xiao stood on the rooftop and looked at the huge crowd below: "If you don't admit me, I will jump from here." The admissions office teacher look... [click to read]

Super Star Starts From a Host

author: 村中野夫

Reborn back to 2005, that year, Happy Camp was still hosting a shiny new anchor. That year, Where are We Going, Dad?, running man, Unlimited Challe... [click to read]

Wolf and Brothers

author: 纯银耳坠

Wolf, whose seemingly cold appearance hides infinite tenderness, is willing to sacrifice himself for his family and brothers! Just like the charact... [click to read]

I Really Did Not Want to Reincarnate

Unexpectedly, Chen Hansheng, a social elite and a diamond bachelor, was actually reborn. He woke up and became a senior high school graduate. Chen ... [click to read]

The Best Son-in-law

author: 林羽江颜

Will people be conscious when they die? Yes, because I have experienced it. Is there really a ghost in this world? Yes, because I am. After borrowi... [click to read]

Calamity of Thousand Clans

I am the robbery of All Heavens and Myriad Clans! I have finished the work "Global High Martial Arts" and "Rebirth of Profits Pouring in from All Side... [click to read]

Invincible God Dragon Raising System

author: 九九三

Transform into a dragon and dominate the world! In the ocean, he is the only Shenlong, establishing the Sea Dragon Palace. Shrimp soldiers and crab... [click to read]

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

author: 天运老猫

To start again, in order to control the fate, once again entered this "live game". This time, he will not be controlled by others. As a 200-level swo... [click to read]

The Super Golden Eyes

The students at the end of the crane had to see through the pupils, and from now on, the dragon and the dragon, picking up gambling stones, appreci... [click to read]

The Golden Eyes

author: 打眼

Zhuang Rui, a small staff member working in a pawn shop, changed his eyes in an accident. Magnificent ceramics, ancient and generous bronzes, and t... [click to read]

Space Speed Star Trace

author: 唐家三少

[Primary 3 new book "Yin and Yang Coronation" has been registered] will be uploaded and updated at the end of Douluo Continent this Sunday. I would l... [click to read]

Black Credit Card

author: 萧瑟良

A mysterious black card has different quotas every week. Shi Lei must consume all the quotas within a week, otherwise he will be punished by the bl... [click to read]

Supreme Immortal Doctor

author: 断桥残雪

He has worked as a brick mover, a bar waiter, an office clerk, a teacher, a doctor... He is one of thousands and tens of thousands of wage earners,... [click to read]

Asura Martial God

Regarding potential, it is not considered a genius, but it can be mastered without a teacher. Regarding charm, rich noble young lady, rich noble yo... [click to read]

Yang Xiaoluo's Cheap House Dad

author: 寒门

On a summer night where cicadas and songbirds sang, Yang Yan stood at the gate of the community, carrying a big bag high, and shouting with a smile... [click to read]

Taobao Merchants

author: 叶恨水

Suning has opened a Taobao shop that can connect with novels and movies! You can resell goods in other planes, and you can sell things in this worl... [click to read]

Genius Fortune Teller

author: 打眼

Tiekou is straightforward. Ye Tianou, a young man with a hexagram of gold, got the inheritance of the teacher. When studying the heavens and humans... [click to read]

Rebirth of a Top-rated Wwastrel

"I have to be a prodigal. Don't the invincible waste my parents' talents for making money?" Hong Dali said in the interview he remembered. Immediatel... [click to read]

White Rock Master God

author: 沧河贝壳

This is a world where magic and vindictiveness are intertwined. Earth, fire, water and wind, and Seven Great Elements, weave the magic and moves of... [click to read]

Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures

To put it simply, it is the story of a boy named Ivan Mason who traveled to Harry Potter Magic World and went to school in Hogwarts! Ivan is one gr... [click to read]

Sauvignon Blanc

author: 桐华

Jun is like a wind on the water, and a concubine is like a lotus in the wind. Meet Acacia, meet Acacia. Jun is like a cloud in the sky, and a concu... [click to read]

Life Time Letters Under the Pillow

author: 唐七公子

The "Three Lives III" selling frenzy is set off again, triggering a romantic classic that millions of readers crazily pursue, and perfectly reproduce... [click to read]

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