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I'm Really a Superstar

author: 尝谕

I had a dream, and the world became a game. The background of the world was randomly modified by the game, and it was completely new. Although the ... [click to read]

Open a Clinic for Cultivation

author: 李闲鱼

I am a born middleman of good and evil, and the master of the Tianwai clinic. My story starts with a dog, that night it sent me a clinic ...</ [click to read]

Hunting in Hollywood

author: 贾思特杜

Mainland directors from many years later unexpectedly returned to Hollywood in 1986, and began their own legendary journey to control the world's l... [click to read]

Almighty Little Farmer

author: 燕不羁

The small Diao Sihua peasant farmer entered the city and drank a small wine, inexplicably opened the sky-filling system, with various capabilities ... [click to read]

How Bad Guys Are Made 2

author: 六道

Liudao's new book on urban life-the pinnacle of 2 underworld works made by bad guys! Xie Wendong in the six works, he subverted the tradition and c... [click to read]

Punish the Immortal

author: 萧鼎

There are no gods in this world, but since ancient times, humans have seen the world around them, all kinds of strange things, lightning, thunder, ... [click to read]

Macross Evaluation

author: 三行的书

I'm just a video host for evaluation. The products evaluated include quantum computers, nuclear fusion reactors, anti-gravity flying vehicles, supe... [click to read]

Stars Transformation

A child is inherently unable to practice internal strength. In order to get his father's attention, he resolutely chose to practice painful and dif... [click to read]

Rage of War

author: 骷髅精灵

The two moons are in the sky, the infinite possibilities of the English soul world are lonely and dark, the mysterious and weird clown hundred city... [click to read]

Master Daoist Gu

author: 蛊真人

Man is the soul of everything, Gu is the essence of heaven and earth. If the three views are incorrect, the devil is born again. Old dreams of the ... [click to read]

Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

author: 青子

Mao Shao, the ghost catcher Ye Shaoyang, bravely entered the city, fighting with people, fighting with ghosts, and fighting with the demon and beau... [click to read]

Son of Light

author: 唐家三少

A lazy boy, who chose the magic of the light system that no one cares about because of his character, he inadvertently approached the great wheel o... [click to read]

Supreme Ruler

author: 犁天

Swallow the world and the mountains and rivers, and step on the sun, moon and stars. The young Qin Yi brought a mysterious picture scroll into the ... [click to read]

Virtual Evolution

author: 百炼成殇

Looking for power in virtual, and pursuing truth in reality. The game is no longer a game. Evolution starts from this moment. The protagonist said:... [click to read]

Reign of the Hunters

author: 那时烟花

The happiest thing in the world is to do something wrong and have the opportunity to regret it. She used to play the game alone, reborn to the mome... [click to read]

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord

author: 烟本是道

The soul that traveled to another world regenerated into a young exiled nobleman, and was recruited back to the inherited territory ten years later... [click to read]

Ace Doctor

author: 朽木可雕

He was abandoned by his family because of his physical impairment, but after 18 years, returned as an Ace doctor! A temporary worker in a hospital ... [click to read]

Galactic Garbage Station

author: 小城古道

After Su Jing graduated from university, he bumped into the wall everywhere. Feeling discouraged and he returned to his hometown to adjust his mood... [click to read]

Dropped In the Marvel World As a Superhero

author: 离群戏

In this era of traversers flying through the sky, Lin Rui not unexpectedly traversed after an accidental electric shock, but not the least into the... [click to read]

Hedonist Sovereign

author: 绝品杜少

Do missions, come on to beautiful women, fight rich kids and bullies! His goal is very clear, to be the first supreme dude in the universe! [click to read]

Doomsday's Edge

author: 辰燃

After the daybreak war, the earth entered the era of advanced warfare. The collision of civilizations of different planets, aggression and conquest... [click to read]

Rebirth 0f The City Cultivation

author: 十里剑神

Official version: Chen Fan, a monk during the robbery period, fell into the sky, but returned to the young age of the earth in a dream of 500 years... [click to read]

Fierce Deskmate

author: 柳下挥

The sweet and sorrowful tablemate turned into a big star, fierce and cute. [click to read]

My Girlfriend has a System

Watching the golden finger of the system after his traverse looks like this, what can Su Hao do? Su Hao is also desperate! However, the next scene ... [click to read]

My Wife is Martial Arts Union Master

Who said I was a student pig, the beauty Union Master in my hands. Who said I were a single, wives and concubines in the thousands. Look at the str... [click to read]

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