fine romance books

The Free and Unfettered Landloard

author: 永恒火

Because of an accident, Fang Tianfeng mastered the power of "qi luck". In order to have more time to strengthen his strength, he accepted a job to lo... [click to read]

Egg King

Girl group: "Ouba!" Tang Menglong: "Obe, come and eat a Tieguanyin tea egg!" Female singer: "Ouba!" Tang Menglong: "Obey, come and eat a rose tea egg!" Act... [click to read]

Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

Time pauses, time reverses, local objects time reverses, predicts the future ... Constantly discovering new abilities, and controlling time in your... [click to read]

Monster Factory

author: 匣中藏剑

Our factory does not talk about technology, it talks about skills and tools. Sledgehammer (Excellent Quality) Attributes: The hardness of the objec... [click to read]

Strongest Abandoned Son

author: 鹅是老五

Ye Mo suddenly realized that everything around her seemed to have changed, and the beautiful master was gone. He also found that he became an aband... [click to read]

True Cultivators on Campus

author: 唐箫

In order to survive, you must be close to the woman. Tang Zheng possessed the body of the Jiuyang Holy Body that was hard to come by for thousands ... [click to read]

To Youth 2: Secrets of Public Relations

author: 皖南牛二

Deeply reveal the unknown secrets of the massage industry, give a detailed account of my unbearable experience in those years, rely on the game and... [click to read]

Omni Genius

author: 九指仙尊

As soon as you learn any skill, improve your proficiency, you can stand at the peak! ...... He is the honorary chairman of the World Chefs Federati... [click to read]


author: 青幕山

Shi Lei, the world's top hacker, was spied by a colleague who was shot by a colleague because he had peeped into the military exercises of the worl... [click to read]

Very Pure and Ambiguous The Prequel

author: 鱼人二代

Unluckily drunk at the wedding of the crush girl. He unexpectedly returned to the past, not only foreseeing the future but also possessing super po... [click to read]

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