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Red Sleeve Beauty

She was the goddess of war in the North, and once fell into the South, she became the dancer of the Israeli waitress. He is an unruly and daring We... [click to read]

The Designated God Minister

author: 西域刀客

Nine is the largest number, but the source code of the computer is composed of zeros and ones? Because this world is from scratch, from the beginni... [click to read]

Legend of Creeps

author: 玄雨

He had ambitions since he was a child, hoping to be a marshal commanding the world. He believes that to be a marshal, you must first be a general, ... [click to read]

Infinite Horror

author: zhttty

The new book has already started uploading, please support my friends who like my book, recommend tickets, clicks, no one is missing, thank you~~ f... [click to read]

Rebirth Like Water Youth

author: 鱼人二代

Back in the high school era of 2001, Shen Dapeng once again stood at the crossroads of life. With the regret of losing his family, missing the godd... [click to read]

Great Tang Idyll

author: 田园如梦

Idyllic Datang, warm sunshine, golden wheat, and egrets flying. Zhang Xiaobao: "I don't think that my own ability can change anything. My idea is ve... [click to read]

Thief of Nation

author: 巨火

;Aspiring to the horizon of the wild, swelling the Liuhe aspirations! The thief robber, the thief thief... The thief thief, evoke the biggest post ... [click to read]

Han Xiang

author: 孑与2

We have accepted the legacy of our ancestors, which has made China glorious for thousands of years. We are so at ease that we have never thought of... [click to read]

Grave Robbery Notes

author: 南派三叔

The Warring States silk book unearthed by Changsha Tufuzi (tomb robber) 50 years ago records the location of a peculiar tomb of the Warring States ... [click to read]

The Threatening Spiritual Influence

author: 卧牛真人

The vast stars, the race of all nations, the spirit tide strikes, the bloody battle restarts. The security situation in Happiness New Village, Gard... [click to read]

Cultivation of Forty Thousand Years

author: 卧牛真人

"This is a 'Sirius' class spar warship, weighing 390 million tons, operated by 1523 gas refiners during the gas refining period. Nian, 'computationa... [click to read]

Star Rank Hunter

author: 陈词懒调

The universe, this endless starry sky, is the dream of every hunter. For hunters running through the stars, only the universe is their limit. Is th... [click to read]

Fantasy Falls

author: 宝可梦

Unlimited adventures, and characters familiar to everyone will also appear [click to read]

Great Meltdown in the Last of Days

[Ancient century theme essay (150,000 words and more long works)] Zombie broke out, human desperation is coming, the earth's magnetic field is tran... [click to read]

Ring That Defies The Heavens

author: 上古圣贤

[2014 Star Creation Awards Season 5 entries] A magic ring will not only allow you to gallop in the game, but also bring the items in the game to re... [click to read]

Godsfall Chronicles

author: 半醉游子

This is a world of Nirvana rebirth. This is a strange fantasy world. This is a world where belief is firm but collapsed. A seemingly ordinary young... [click to read]

Pokemon Court

author: 轻泉流响

Liuli City, with Mi Keli as the representative of the coordinator against the traditional trainer, laid the status of the magnificent competition. ... [click to read]

Rise of the Wasteland

Endless disasters are coming, in order to survive, we should prepare food, water, medicines, weapons ..., and enough girls! QQ group: 137144701</ [click to read]

Marvel's Charger

author: 水瓶琴山

Fang Leng crossed into another world because he accidentally obtained a MARVEL space pass. This turned out to be a Marvel world, with Iron Man, Spi... [click to read]

League of Legends: 700 Years Later

author: 沉入海底

Ye Che is dead and resurrected. It's a bit unclear, but in fact, from the day of the s7 season finals, after reaching seven hundred years, he was s... [click to read]

Hell Apartment

author: 黑色火种

This book is the same as my predecessor, "Alien Horror," which is a horror novel that really curses the fierce ghost. There is no such thing as prete... [click to read]

Fantasy World Transmigration

author: 辰一十一

When fantasy becomes a reality, can the youth of the heavens embark on the path of becoming a god? Chen Ang, who has the ability to travel, travels... [click to read]


author: 黑色火种

The number of book friends group in "Alien Horror" was changed to 110183476. Readers who like this book, please join! The first thing to make clear i... [click to read]

Hell Cinema

author: 黑色火种

After "Hell Apartment", "Alien Horror" and "Dead Curse Island", Black Tinder's fourth ghostly horror novel "Hell Cinema" strikes! If you pick up a horror m... [click to read]

History's Strongest Shopkeeper

author: 南极烈日

Time and space shuttle flow innovation, as a time and space store owner, doing big business in the two circles, the story is wonderful! [click to read]

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

author: 三舍堂

Lin Feng was originally a supermarket supplier. He accidentally traveled to the end of the day when supplying supermarkets. The end-time model has ... [click to read]

Xiling Empire

author: 远瞳

The full text reading column of the Xiling Empire: the far pupil of the novel "Xiling Spirit Empire", the full text reading of the Xiling Empire is n... [click to read]

Rebirth of Extreme Evolution

author: 天机算尽

In the new world of the evolutionary era of the future, every new human being is qualified to cultivate into a super martial arts strongman. The pr... [click to read]

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