fine thriller books

Rebirth to Be Youth Again

author: 鱼人二代

Back in the high school era of 2001, Shen Dapeng once again stood at the crossroads of life. With the regret of losing his family, missing the godd... [click to read]

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

author: 卧牛真人

"This is a 'Sirius' class spar warship, weighing 390 million tons, operated by 1523 gas refiners during the gas refining period. Nian, 'computationa... [click to read]

All-Heaven Armageddon Online

author: 烟火成城

When the first magic weapon in the game appeared in Real World, all mankind went crazy for it. This is the best era. People Enter Game, bringing eq... [click to read]

Prince of Han Dynasty

author: 六道

At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Mang usurped the throne, chaos under the heavens, with a cloth, drawing his sword in the chaos. His pla... [click to read]

Outrageous Servant

author: 禹岩

[How to read this book] Refer to "Tang Bohu Pointing Autumn Fragrance"! The young sales manager came to a completely different world due to an accide... [click to read]

Ten Years of Warm Words

   The super best-selling author Shu Haicangsheng from mouth to mouth is a youth classic that carries the precious memories of thousand... [click to read]

The Honey Sank Like Frost

author: 电线

If you have any questions about publishing and film and television copyrights, please send a private message or leave a message on Weibo to contact... [click to read]

Record of Fen and Shang

author: 桩桩

Burning the sky only "used" Xia Qin Yousang. She was thinking about the black light, she didn't need to honestly admit it. For a long time, facing Qi... [click to read]

Death Glass

author: 雪灵之

(The original work of the TV series "Allure of Love") She and him always missed it again and again: When she told him with the stubbornness of a girl... [click to read]

Captive Lovers

author: 天衣有风

It was an era of Eguan Bo belt, long shirt and wide sleeves, and indulgence. The fragrance is floating, and the mountains and rivers are clear. The... [click to read]

Counterfeit Hero

author: 七十二编

Therefore, looking at the peace of the world, Tian Xingjian resolutely joined the army. When she joined the military medical examination, the beaut... [click to read]

World of Warcraft Manor

The body is soft and easy to tear down-I have the appearance of LOLI; I lived in the house for thirty years before death-I have the heart of a rott... [click to read]

In the Name of From Afar

Others travel through ancient times, but I travel to the future; others are prophets, but I am regarded as ignorant; others can call the wind and s... [click to read]

Unlimited Anime Works

One hundred lucky winners selected by the world began the journey of infinite anime, "Naruto", "Death", "Fairy Tail", "Agressive Giant", "Dragon Ball", "Saint... [click to read]

Holistic Fantasy

author: 如倾如诉

A feather represents a world! This is a world that exists only in fantasy! Do not! It should be said that this is a world that exists only in fanta... [click to read]

Illimitable Until Death

author: 如倾如诉

Celestrial roaming, time travel, and mechinary science. The destiny is the unknown sea of stars! [click to read]

Maidens' Grand Summoning

author: 如倾如诉

Summon Dragon Warcraft is called summon? Summon angel demon is called summon? No! The real summon is to call the girl! The super electromagnetic gu... [click to read]

Red Sleeve Beauty

She was the goddess of war in the North, and once fell into the South, she became the dancer of the Israeli waitress. He is an unruly and daring We... [click to read]

The Designated God Minister

author: 西域刀客

Nine is the largest number, but the source code of the computer is composed of zeros and ones? Because this world is from scratch, from the beginni... [click to read]

Legend of Creeps

author: 玄雨

He had ambitions since he was a child, hoping to be a marshal commanding the world. He believes that to be a marshal, you must first be a general, ... [click to read]

Infinite Horror

author: zhttty

The new book has already started uploading, please support my friends who like my book, recommend tickets, clicks, no one is missing, thank you~~ f... [click to read]

Great Tang Idyll

author: 田园如梦

Idyllic Datang, warm sunshine, golden wheat, and egrets flying. Zhang Xiaobao: "I don't think that my own ability can change anything. My idea is ve... [click to read]

Grave Robbery Notes

author: 南派三叔

The Warring States silk book unearthed by Changsha Tufuzi (tomb robber) 50 years ago records the location of a peculiar tomb of the Warring States ... [click to read]

The Threatening Spiritual Influence

author: 卧牛真人

The vast stars, the race of all nations, the spirit tide strikes, the bloody battle restarts. The security situation in Happiness New Village, Gard... [click to read]

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