fine thriller books

Ring That Defies The Heavens

author: 上古圣贤

[2014 Star Creation Awards Season 5 entries] A magic ring will not only allow you to gallop in the game, but also bring the items in the game to re... [click to read]

Apocalypse Summoner

The dark summoner Li Jiayu who summoned the bone dragon, summoned the lich, and summoned the death was reborn, and everything returned to the momen... [click to read]

Abyss Domination

author: 诸生浮屠

Turbulent year. A terrible energy storm broke out in the chaotic time and space. All the gods temporarily lost all their divine power and were forc... [click to read]

Tempest of the Stellar War

author: 骷髅精灵

The military school examination was approaching, and his gene number of 28 directly disqualified him from the examination. A love letter was sent f... [click to read]

Plane Elevator

author: 千翠百恋

But accident, Dongfangyu discovered that the elevator of the old accommodation building can be randomly transmitted to the world of novels, TV seri... [click to read]

Illimitable Until Death

author: 如倾如诉

Celestrial roaming, time travel, and mechinary science. The destiny is the unknown sea of stars! [click to read]

Maidens' Grand Summoning

author: 如倾如诉

Summon Dragon Warcraft is called summon? Summon angel demon is called summon? No! The real summon is to call the girl! The super electromagnetic gu... [click to read]