fine thriller books

Galactic Dark Net

Interplanetary hidden deep network transaction system, referred to as darknet. The dark web is not subject to any legal and moral constraints. Slav... [click to read]

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination

Xiao Yu, a modern college student, accidentally traveled to a different land and became a lord of the territory. With four bases of Warcraft, he su... [click to read]

Dimensional Crossover Battle

Will you look forward to one day when you walk out the door and meet the cuteness of the second element on the street corner? Are you looking forwa... [click to read]

Apocalypse Summoner

The dark summoner Li Jiayu who summoned the bone dragon, summoned the lich, and summoned the death was reborn, and everything returned to the momen... [click to read]

Abyss Domination

author: 诸生浮屠

Turbulent year. A terrible energy storm broke out in the chaotic time and space. All the gods temporarily lost all their divine power and were forc... [click to read]

Tempest of the Stellar War

author: 骷髅精灵

The military school examination was approaching, and his gene number of 28 directly disqualified him from the examination. A love letter was sent f... [click to read]

Plane Elevator

author: 千翠百恋

But accident, Dongfangyu discovered that the elevator of the old accommodation building can be randomly transmitted to the world of novels, TV seri... [click to read]

Godly Model Creator

The source energy comes, the fierce beasts cross, and the superpowers clutter. Su Hao is just an ordinary senior three student who has mastered the... [click to read]

Kill Dragon

An accident, was pulled into the Ming Dynasty? The imperial dynasty of Zhu family will be on the ground, and the barbarians outside the region will... [click to read]

God and Devil World

author: 资产暴增

The world has become the end of the world in an instant. Zombies and mutant beasts are rampant in the world, and human beings are struggling to sur... [click to read]

I Have A Mansion In The Last Of Days

author: 晨星LL

Star sea roaming, time and space shuttle, mechanical technology. The destiny is the unknown sea of stars! [click to read]

Unlimited Anime Works

One hundred lucky winners selected by the world began the journey of infinite anime, "Naruto", "Death", "Fairy Tail", "Agressive Giant", "Dragon Ball", "Saint... [click to read]

Holistic Fantasy

author: 如倾如诉

A feather represents a world! This is a world that exists only in fantasy! Do not! It should be said that this is a world that exists only in fanta... [click to read]

Illimitable Until Death

author: 如倾如诉

Celestrial roaming, time travel, and mechinary science. The destiny is the unknown sea of stars! [click to read]

Maidens' Grand Summoning

author: 如倾如诉

Summon Dragon Warcraft is called summon? Summon angel demon is called summon? No! The real summon is to call the girl! The super electromagnetic gu... [click to read]

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