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Everyone Is Acting, What Should I Do?

author: 过河.卒

"Boss, we have won the championship again!" Yan Yuan: "Change! Replace all of them for Your daddy!" "But...this is our fifth batch of champion members. ... [click to read]

Picked Up an Empress

That year, they called me White Clothed Sword God. I saved a scholar in the mountains. After decades, he became the leader of the Taoist school and... [click to read]

I Am Not the Lucky Child

author: 云中殿

Fairy Qingyue: I traveled three thousand miles west with my senior and got the Sun-Moon Golden Wheel in Kunlun Secret Territory! Linglong Diji: I o... [click to read]

Saint Has descended

author: 凤凰烙印

When college student Linton was playing a certain online game, because of an accident, he brought his priest number with the Sacred Light Affinity ... [click to read]

Awesome Plugin for Honor of Kings

Chen Mo, who had just been dumped by his girlfriend, was accidentally presented with a "Cheat System" from Daji. Hi's: "I want to report! The opposite... [click to read]

Born with a 98K

author: Iced子夜

[2018 Best Eating Chicken Article] Liu Zilang, known as the prodigal son Liu. Of course, you can also call him a piano player, an empire eagle eye,... [click to read]

I Really Don't Have Special Hack

author: 旧生

Occasionally get the god-level lucky system, title: Apprentice of Goddess of Luck? what is this, I want to be the man of Goddess of Luck! "You can f... [click to read]

Silver Fox

author: 孑与2

The first requirement of a person is to be alive, the second requirement is still to be alive, and the third requirement is still to be alive... Un... [click to read]

King Soldier of Lang Ya

author: 蝼蚁望天

[Hot free new book] Langya once lost everything, there is nothing to lose. The only thing left is the heritage of Langya! In a Confidential Mission... [click to read]

Champion of Imperial Exam from a Poor Family

author: 天子

Tired of watching glint and flash of daggers and swords, drum horns contend, or you can taste the hard work of the grassroots at the bottom of soci... [click to read]

Thief of the Nation

author: 巨火

;Aspiring to the horizon of the wild, swelling the Liuhe aspirations! The thief robber, the thief thief... The thief thief, evoke the biggest post ... [click to read]

Home Town of Han

author: 孑与2

We have accepted the legacy of our ancestors, which has made China glorious for thousands of years. We are so at ease that we have never thought of... [click to read]

Illumine Lingao

author: 吹牛者

Crossing into troubled times is not about being struck by lightning, but their own choice. Some people want to be king, some want to relieve the pe... [click to read]

Girl, I Will Teach You Cultivation

author: 看门狗

Sister Yu: Do you have a room? Jiang Xiu: I will cultivate immortals. Bai Fumei: Do you have a car? Jiang Xiu: I will cultivate immortals. Loli: Br... [click to read]

Dragon Marked War God

author: 苏月夕

One hundred years after the rebirth of the saint, he cultivated the supreme magic, striving for world hegemony. Don't compare alchemy with me. Ten ... [click to read]

The Best Emperor's Son-in-Law in History

Chen Yuan traveled to the Song Dynasty and was attached to Chen Shimei. His first thought was not to change the destiny of Da Song, but to change h... [click to read]

Celebrating the Remaining Years

author: 猫腻

In the house of Jishan, there must be Yuqing, stay Yuqing, stay Yuqing, and suddenly meet the benefactor; fortunate mother, fortunate mother, get y... [click to read]

International Idler With Many Beauties

author: 跃千愁

There is a group of elites in the world who are full of food and have nothing to do, or come from aristocratic family, or from civilians in the cit... [click to read]

Legend of the Cultivation God No. 2

author: 小段探花

After five hundred years of hard work in Immortal Realm and rebirth in high school, a beautiful teacher who was mixed with medicine was found in Xi... [click to read]

Rightful Lord Ye

author: 月关

He was hereditary, but he was not a prince; he was born in an aristocratic family, but he was not a high class. As a prison steward of the Six Door... [click to read]

Drunkenly Resting Head Against Rivers and Mountain

author: 月关

The female emperor Wu Luo was in the sky and the moon was in the sky, Shangguan Waner weighed the world, Li Baoer was more beautiful than Huajiao, ... [click to read]

Return to Ming Dynasty as Prince

author: 月关

[The starting point of the fourth edition of the editorial team signed the boutique] Yin and Yang are in the wrong place, and the good man Zheng Sh... [click to read]

My Father in Law is Lu Bu

author: 大哥有枪

Liu Mang, who participated in the cosplay, accidentally wore an Aries gold holy garment to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Just when Cao Cao at... [click to read]

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