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Super Landgraf of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

author: 三心二缺

Introduction: The virtual reality game "War of the World" is sweeping the world. It is based on the classic history and legends of various countries.... [click to read]

King of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

A game called "The World" changed the world. Yang Tian, who had not mingled well in the game, woke up and found that he returned to the ten days befo... [click to read]

Thriller Paradise

author: 三天两觉

Welcome to the thriller park. This is not just a game, but also a challenge and a trial. Fear is human instinct. It makes people weak and panicked,... [click to read]

God Rank Hero

author: 大烟缸

The hero is the kind of person who is powerful, and will lead his troops to greatness. "Heroic Genesis", a world-class online game developed by the U... [click to read]

Noble Emblem

author: 翔炎

The protagonist has two wives, they are true goddesses. However, one day they suddenly disappeared. For future sexual blessings, the protagonist re... [click to read]

Godly Hunter

author: 不是浮云

The holographic virtual age suddenly came and the world was delighted, but as a hacker, Chen Mo received a commission to enter the game, look for g... [click to read]

Crazy Lich's Experimental Diary

This is a crazy lich, with a game system, wrecking the whole world. "Look at today's daily life ... again it's picking one choice from two: destroyi... [click to read]

When The NEET Receives A System

author: 咸鱼上岸

Thirty-year-old virginity was reborn in a dead man's house, with a big belly, a fat face, disheveled hair, sour clothes, and an odor-laden house... [click to read]

Summoning the Holy Sword

author: 西贝猫

This is a chaotic era. The dark shadows engulfing everything in the fire and death, the line between despair and nothingness covering the reality a... [click to read]

Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

author: 火星引力

He is the undefeated myth of the online game world. He is a bodyguard worth 300 million. When "Destiny" opened, he took the mysterious little loli an... [click to read]

The World Online

author: 笙箫剑客

The first cross-generation online game "Earth Online" that integrates personal adventure + territory construction + plane war in history, the global ... [click to read]

Shura's Wrath

author: 火星引力

In order to save the last hope of the terminally ill sister, Ling Chen entered the newly opened virtual game world, and joined a small studio full ... [click to read]

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